According to the Left, self-expression is one of the most beautiful, most admirable of human pursuits. If only we all embraced self-expression, the world would be a much better place. In fact, as society has become more tolerant of the queer diversity of self-expression, we’ve entered something of a quasi-utopia–a utopia that would be fully realized if not for those bigots and racists and transphobes who hold us back from achieving maximum human perfection.

That’s what the far-Left believes, anyway.

In the real world, to ordinary people, self-expression has become nothing but a hot mess. Not all forms of “self-expression” are intrinsically indecent, but much of what the Left foists upon us today is. By the new rules of the Left, not even the most degenerate manifestations of self are confined to the privacy of one’s own home. No, self-expression, no matter how unbecoming, is something to be paraded for the world to see.

This has birthed the unrealistic expectation that we must celebrate and even be attracted to the utterly bizarre. “Polite society” now requires us to act as if everything is normal… well, except for maybe right-wing agitprop about biblical sexuality or Christian nationalism. Besides that, everything is normal, acceptable. To so much as bat an eye at a licentious or abnormal lifestyle would be out of line.

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This ridiculous mentality has seeped into the public square, rendering encounters with the crudest “expressions” of the individual inevitable. In Canada, for example, a male teacher has been permitted to wear grossly huge prosthetic breasts in the classroom, subjecting students to his creepy fetish.

When pressed on the presence of a pervert in their school, the board defended the teacher’s “gender rights” and revealed it was “creating a safety plan” for protecting the teacher–but not the students. Apparently, in our “quasi-utopia,” the “self-expression” of a kinky man whose monstrous breasts hang at his waist is more important than the comfort or scruples of those around him.

Oh, the beauty of self-expression!

Now, Virgin Atlantic has announced it is “scrapping gendered uniform options in an effort to champion the individuality of its employees.” According to CNN, the initiative is part of the airline’s “”Be Yourself” agenda.” In other words, thanks to “self-expression,” your next male flight attendant or pilot might be wearing a skirt. How lovely!

Our far-Left culture seems to have forgotten that an excessive fixation on self-expression–the demand that one’s self-expression be seen and admired by all–is inherently selfish. By extension, therefore, it is unattractive–not beautiful.

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The Canadian teacher who flaunts his beach ball-esque breasts doesn’t care that he makes his students uncomfortable. The classroom is the stage from which he can exhibit his obscene figure to a helpless, captive audience. His only concern is self.

Polite society once observed a few basic rules of conduct. The public was not the place to experiment with indecency. We repressed self–not because we devalued the individual, but because we respected those around us. As it turns out, touting deviancy, renouncing mores, showing as much skin as possible, dressing as outlandishly as possible has very little to do with others and has everything to do with drawing as much attention as possible to that four-letter word: self.

The Left is wrong: there is no beauty in leaving humans to their own devices. Of course, every human life is intrinsically valuable, but that does not mean every human life has the license to “discover itself” at the expense of society at large.

The sooner we learn this lesson, the sooner we admit the most admirable of human pursuits is the pursuit of the good, the true, and the beautiful, the sooner the degeneracy of the Left will come to an end.

Jakob Fay is a staff writer for the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Governance.