With FBI data showing homicides up a staggering 29% in 2020 along with the continued surge in shootings and murders this year, the same politicians offer the same talking points but take no legitimate action when it comes to crime in cities.

Residents of inner cities are facing heightened dangers, but the mainstream media claims the opposite. Take Chicago, for example, a city with such strict gun control that you’d think it should be the safest place in the country. 

Mayor Lori Lightfoot can proudly claim robbery and burglary stats are both down, but she can’t say the same about physical harm like murder, sexual assault and shootings.

Instead, Chicago is one of the most dangerous places to be in the nation. Shootings in Chicago this year are up 11% compared to last year. Last week alone, 94 shooting incidents occurred within a seven-day period. The most recent report also shows 374 shooting incidents in the past month.

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The same goes for Los Angeles, where homicides are up 20% and aggravated assaults are up 10% compared to 2020. Looking at Philadelphia data, homicides are up 18% this year, and Atlanta homicides have increased 16%. The surges are even greater when compared to 2019.

Career politicians fail to acknowledge that strict gun control and other progressive policies don’t improve safety and security. Cities like Chicago suggest precisely the opposite. 

“Every major city from New York to L.A. and everywhere in between is seeing this level of violence in 2020 and 2021,” Lightfoot admitted last month.

The mayor conveniently forgot to mention nearly every major city is run by power-hungry Democrats who are not addressing the real problems that exist within their communities. 

Not to worry — they have a solution: more government. 

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New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to address the crime spike by paying people to stay at home. 

“Maybe if we rewind, zoom out, and give people repeated stimulus checks so that they feel like they can stay in their homes, maybe we’ll see a mitigation of crime,” she said. 

People will take the checks, but they won’t stay at home. That’s why self-defense weapons and police are so crucial to a safe society. 

But these politicians aren’t interested in real safety. Liberals scapegoat gun owners and instead propose policies that end up infringing on liberty and privacy. 

They offer more help, but it only makes the situation worse. That’s why less is more in the government, so that citizens can make personal decisions and protect themselves in ways politicians simply won’t.

Our “leaders” have failed to make our country safer. That’s why we must recommit to self-government, self-sufficiency, and helping our fellow Americans. If you live in Chicago or another major city, you don’t have any other choice.

Silence Dogood is an intern at the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Governance.