June has come to an end, and while there’s a sign of relief that the LGBT sexual celebrations will hopefully be over for 11 months, we know the sexualization of our culture and children will not end anytime soon. 

The attack is in full force. It’s actually frightening to think about what psychological effects this time period will have on the next generation of adults who are today being mentally abused by progressive parents and public school teachers. 

On the Battlecry, show host and CSG founder Mark Meckler pointed out this outrageous psychological attack infiltrating the country and just how flat-out wrong it really is.

“There is no such thing as a transition. So don’t say this is a person who is transitioning. This is a man pretending to be a woman and he may have been willing to have his bodily parts cut off but he’s still a man pretending to be a woman. He’s doing it through surgery and clothing and makeup and a name change and whatever. It is a grotesque fantasy.”

Gender dysphoria is a psychological disorder that requires medical attention, not a complicit society that plays into their narrative. 

It’s not even a matter of specifically LGBT indoctrination, as Meckler has pointed out. It’s simply a matter of pushing inappropriate, sexual ideas onto young, innocent minds. That’s why parents – at least “old-fashioned” parents – don’t want their children exposed to anything harmful to a child’s development, whether that’s straight strippers, prostitutes, drug dealers or drag queens.

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“It’s child abuse, it is straight-up child abuse and we should call it out for the evil that it is,” Meckler said of parents bringing children to vile pride month celebrations.

Look no further than the White House to find how an emphasis on sexual identity truly degrades… Biden’s so proud of being the gayest administration ever that he celebrated with an occasion in the White House. That’s right. He cares about his staffers’ sexual identity more than the lives of the American people.

Not the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan where 13 of our soldiers died. Not so much inflation. Not gas prices at $5.

You can guarantee the Chinese, Russians and cartels at our southern border are laughing at what the U.S. has become because many of us Americans are embarrassingly laughing at this shameful situation too.

Our priorities are messed up. Intentionally created chaos, confusion and diversion from the nuclear family have swarmed our daily lives.

Despite this insanity, there’s good legal news that has come from the Supreme Court, regarding gun rights, religious freedom and the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

We need to take back June and make it the month of God, family, guns and liberty.

It’s time for a restoration of American values. It starts now with Fourth of July celebrations.

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