Media Mentions and Appearances

Mark Meckler in “Challenges to Democracy” Forum, Harvard Kennedy School of Government — April 22, 2014

Mark Meckler joined Joan Blades, the co-founder of MoveOn and, for a “Challenges to Democracy” discussion. The panel was moderated by Harvard Kennedy School Professor and Ash Center Co-Director Archon Fung and focused on the importance of hearing from different perspectives, democratic participation, and the common ground between conservative and liberal opinions.

Watch video of the forum here.

Sarah Palin Endorses Convention of States — April 12, 2014

Sarah Palin expressed support for a Convention of States on the Fox News show, Cashin’ In with Eric Boling:

On a state level I think it’s very important that we find candidates and elect them, who would be willing to call for a “Convention of States” if need be.  Because that is the tool the people have to reign in government.

Fox News, Your World with Neil Cavuto — September 12, 2012

Get out your Barf-Bag because Congress is going to pass ANOTHER continuing resolution to allow them to spend money without a budget, moving this hot issue off of the table until after the election.  See it recorded here.

John Stossel Show — August 30-31 and September 6, 2012

Mark Meckler served as a pundit on the John Stossel Show immediately following the Republican Convention on August 30 and following the Democratic National Convention on Sept. 6th.

Here is the video following the DNC:

And following the RNC:

Liberal Academic, Tea Party Leader Rethinking Crime Policy

Tea party leaders tend not to break bread with black liberals, media centrists, and conservative plutocrats for a reason: they rarely agree on much. But by the time Mark Meckler arrived in Austin, Texas, on Feb. 9, he was fed up with being a Tea Party bigwig. He was ready for something different…

Read full article at the Daily Beast.

Book Review: Tea Party Patriots: The Second American Revolution

Ayn Rand once observed that ideas are the ultimate driving force of history, and the most consistent side in an ideological war will eventually win. If this is true, then it pays to study the ideas of any movement that arises in a country…

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