If you’ve somehow managed to steer clear of pop culture’s obsession with Don’t Worry Darling, you’re lucky.

The upcoming Olivia Wilde film promises to be nothing but absolute garbage. Its theatrical release is still a week away and Darling has already been plagued for months by controversy–controversy that has, for some reason, made it into a very important topic of conversation.

I’m willing to bet you probably don’t care. You don’t care that Harry Styles allegedly spit on Chris Pine; you don’t care that Wilde’s on-set relationship with Styles is rumored to have spoiled her relationship with Jason Sudeikis; you don’t care that lead actress Florence Pugh is apparently annoyed at the media’s fixation on her sex scenes–scenes that she agreed to film.

As I said, the film is nothing but garbage. And that includes the controversy surrounding it.

You don’t care (good for you). But apparently everyone else does. Every major news outlet from Time to the BBC has weighed in on the film’s ostensibly important slew of gossipy scandals. Even Ben Shapiro chimed in, delivering the sanest take on the fiasco yet.

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“Wilde is an Important Feminist Voice – and we know this because she keeps telling us, over and over again,” the right-wing commentator noted. He adds that “all it takes to be a feminist hero is to parrot a bunch of Left-wing talking points about how women are victims. You don’t actually have to help women or be a good person or anything like that.”

Shapiro is right. Wilde cheated on Sudeikis, with whom she had two kids, neglected her directorial duties, and slandered actor Shia LaBeouf. Yet a simple internet search reveals the Left holds Wilde in high regard as some kind of feminist role model. She wrote a pontifical piece of feminist drivel for 
The Hollywood Reporter. She gives speeches about misogyny. Apparently this makes her important. Apparently this means we should all care about her garbage film.

You might say I’m making a big deal out of nothing… and that’s exactly my point. All of this means absolutely nothing. It’s a meaningless non-issue. Don’t Worry Darling has had the internet in an uproar for months, and it’s all because a bunch of entitled grownups are acting out like kids in a high school drama.

You’d think we’d have more important things to worry about than the trivial squabbles surrounding a film that peddles indecency and makes a mockery of our values, but apparently we don’t.

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To the Left, all of this is a very big deal. One that demands a lot of attention. We’ve become a nation addicted to Hollywood’s tabloid trash–and that’s right where the Left wants us. Rather than pay attention to the fights that actually matter, the real issues of the day, we’re absorbed in entertainment that undermines our culture.

As my colleague wrote, “Whether people’s minds are dependent on video games, porn, social media, TV or any other temporary satisfaction, . . . we have become a society that bases everything on instant gratification instead of real significance.”

The Don’t Worry Darling drama may seem awfully important right now. But it will soon be over. Then, it will be replaced by another equally inconsequential set of scandals until that one too is forgotten. It’s all an endless, meaningless cycle. And if you manage to steer clear of it, again I say, you’re lucky.

Jakob Fay is a staff writer for the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Governance.

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