Parents of elementary, middle and high school children are in a difficult situation today. 

Our world has pushed technology into our livelihoods, whether that’s for work, entertainment or social interaction. Whether you put a screen in front of a one-year-old or a 50-year-old, it’s a universal mode of communication where we can escape to another world.

In the social media world, different platforms exist particularly for different groups of people. While the older generations tend to use Facebook, young Americans use Snapchat the most.

According to Pew Research, 78% of 18 to 24-year-olds use Snapchat. About 71% of these users visit the platform multiple times per day. That’s a huge amount of power the makers behind the app have over a very influential and moldable group. Other popular social media platforms for this age group include Instagram and Twitter.

The data shows this demographic is far more likely to use Snapchat than even adults in their mid to late 20s. The number of Snapchat users drops to 54% among 25 to 29-year-olds, a big dip for just a few years older. With that said, the data shows it’s a very specific age group that tends to use this platform, which means the content is data-driven and extremely targeted. 

The thing parents already understand is that their children are sending disappearing photos back and forth with friends. What parents likely aren’t aware of is that their children are being exposed to vile sexual content on a daily basis while using Snapchat. See screenshot photos below.

One half of Snap consists on sending messages, pictures and videos to friends, but the other half is called “Discover,” a video section that is filled with entertainment clips. 

When scrolling through the “Discover” content, Snapchat users are bombarded with perverted sexual content regularly that is messing with their minds. It’s right in line with what is happening in public education systems and the progressive sexualization agenda. Parents have caught on to the mass indoctrination happening in classrooms, but Snapchat is still grabbing ahold of their minds all day everyday, even more powerful than the influences at their schools.

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The content

There are different shows with lots of “episodes,” per se, in each section. Some of the titles include “Gym Crush,” “Deep Dive,” “Confession Time!” and “Answers.” Other headliner titles featuring quite disturbing content include “Swipe Right,” “Brother” – which boasts 18.8 million subscribers – and “Seen Sex Ed,” with 914,000 subscribers.

See some of the episode titles below:

As seen in the screenshots above, the sex-ed show is described as a “show by young people fighting misconceptions about our bodies, sex, and sexualities.” The common sexual topics inform viewers of everything from abortion and transgender ideas to men being pregnant and having periods.

Some of the above titles include:

  • Today my wife met my girlfriend
  • 10 signs that prove you’re good in bed
  • These men get their period
  • She tied her tubes at 24
  • He didn’t know he could get pregnant
  • Having an abortion as a nonbinary person

What kind of society are we living in??

These titles almost create a storyline for what our society now wants for the rising generation. Gen Z is encouraged to sleep around with no commitment, change genders, never have children, and if you do end up pregnant – abortion is the option. That’s what Gen Z is being fed in schools, universities and on social media, especially Snapchat.

These episodes are meant to encourage young teens and adults to question everything they’ve ever been taught. Question the value of family and disregard your morals. Just seek temporary satisfaction.

It’s no wonder young adults are more lonely, depressed and confused than ever before. These episodes also aren’t rare, but rather very common narratives shared on the social platform.

Fittingly, while going through the episodes, advertisements popped up from Plan B and Hers anxiety medication directed at young women. What a cycle of destruction.

So parents…. it’s time to really dig in and reconsider what your kids are learning through an app that so innocently markets itself as a messaging app. Check out the app for yourself, ask your kids what they’re seeing, and then take appropriate action.

If we want a self-governing culture, the first thing we need to do is stop brainwashing the youth with sickening and deteriorating messaging.

About The Author

Brianna is a national staff writer at Convention of States Action.