People on Long Island were frightened and unnerved recently when they discovered fliers advocating for the death of Trump supporters.

“Death Camps For Trump Supporters Now!!!” read the message on the flier.  Some Republicans even found them on their homes and beneath the windshield wipers of their cars.  Patch Mediareported that members of a “shock theater group” called Shock Theater Collective were the first to notice the bigoted messages:

The company said it did not post the fliers and does not know who did. Workers at three businesses on the block told Patch they hadn’t noticed any fliers Tuesday.

A spokesman for Suffolk County police said they had not received reports of any fliers on street poles, but that fliers were reported on two vehicles last month. Police are investigating fliers left on vehicles parked on Oak Street in Patchogue stemming from July 25.

What is a “shock theater group” you might ask. Well, they identify as a “New York Art Collective” – which is a pretentious way of saying they create haunted houses.  You, however, are probably NOT shocked to learn that these guys were precisely the ones who distributed the fliers.  Members of Shock Theater Collective did this “as part of a promotional video for a show.”

Nothing like threatening to kill people to get a little free publicity for a haunted house, am I right?  Especially after the nation was rocked with mass shootings.

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.) alerted the world to this via Twitter.

“No community is immune from this political hate,” he wrote.  “This is happening now in NY-1 (also being placed on my staffers’ homes & cars). Between this, trying to publicly shame GOP donors here & worse, those w hate consuming their hearts are only sowing division!”

Exactly.  At least a company representative wrote a Facebook post that revealed that someone lost his or her job over this:

“We had to let go of a Shock Theater member for posting certain things on our Twitter-that the former member should have been using to promote our shows. These certain things won’t be brought up because these certain things pertain to something we can’t yet talk about.”

Well, that makes everything clear.  

The post linked to, which attempted to explain why they did this to their fellow Americans.  I won’t link to that article, nor will I quote it.  

However, it’s a shame that Trump supporters in America have to put up with this kind of hatred and the mainstream media just yawns in response to it.

Now that isscary.

Hat Tip: PJ Media

Image Credit: Twitter Lee Zeldin

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