President Joe Biden’s average approval rating has fallen under 40 percent for the first time since taking office, RealClearPolitics reports, and it comes as no surprise as the nation suffers an array of government overreach from Washington bureaucrats. 

Biden’s disapproval rating has risen to 54.4 percent while his overall approval has dropped to 39.8 percent. 

Of the record number of voters who turned out to vote for Biden back in November 2020, apparently many of them have come to the realization that the Biden presidency they hoped for is unattainable. 

So what has gone so wrong in the eyes of most Americans? Could it be the failed Afghanistan withdrawal? Or the skyrocketing inflation that’s being felt by everyone while the government passes trillion dollar bills? Possibly the ineffective Covid-19 mandates or the intrusive FBI that has completely disregarded our privacy.

Or maybe, as Citizens for Self-Governance founder Mark Meckler wrote in Newsmax, Biden has caused millions of Americans to lose hope:

The truth is, as long as Joe Biden is in the White House, our country’s economic woes are here to stay.

People vote their pocketbooks, and no amount of political spin or photos change what Americans are seeing happen with their finances.

Hope is the fuel of popular political movements, and the Biden administration has done its best to drain the American people of hope.

Americans won’t vote for a candidate they believe has tanked the economy.

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Whatever it may be, it all comes back to an excessive amount of government in our lives and a diminishing amount of self-governance. We are becoming more controlled by a growing government that thinks it knows what’s best for each individual in a country of nearly 350 million people.

Even a CNN poll reveals that 6 in 10 Americans disapprove of Biden’s presidency, with 56 percent of those disapproving also saying he’s done literally nothing they approve of since taking office. 

Americans can unite on the idea of calling a Convention of States through Article V of the Constitution so that the powers of the federal government can be limited by the states. When we achieve this, we’ll be able to regain our independence from our own government and can actually become united again. 

Silence Dogood is an intern with the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Governance.

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