World Long Drive golf is a forty-year-old athletic sport that involves driving golf balls long distances and bouncing them off of tees.  The upcoming season promises to end the sport for all female golfers, because now “transgendered women” – historically known as “men” – will be allowed to compete in the women’s division.

Australian Jamie O’Neill, who is a male identifying as female, plans to compete in the sport.  Walt Heyer, the author of the book, “Trans Life Survivors,” is an expert on the superiority of male strength, because he underwent a male-to-female transition and still was much stronger than biological women athletically.

“I’m no professional athlete, but years after my sex reassignment surgery and the near-elimination of testosterone from my system, my beginner’s tennis serve easily overpowered and dismayed the female participants when I took a junior college introductory women’s tennis course in my 40s,” he wrote.

“The stark truth on display on that tennis court was that my upper and lower body strength and my grip were still that of a man. No amount of feminizing procedures could take away the strength-building effects of puberty on my male body.”

Heyer explained just how dominant O’Neill was going to be over his biologically female competitors:

In August 2019, O’Neill’s total yardage was 280 yards. By December 2019, it was 301 yards. O’Neill’s goal is 350 yards by April 2020, which would pass the highest championship score recorded in the Women’s Division since its inception of 347 yards.

Without a doubt, O’Neill will crush the female competitors in long drive golf sports. The reason is simple biology. Although now wrapped in a female persona, O’Neill’s 43-year-old male body still provides a dominating upper body strength and hand grip advantage.

Why do leftists hate real female athletes so much?  It is empirically true that men who compete in most women’s sports dominate due to superior size and strength. 

We know this because we never women who pretend to be men participating in men’s sports. Why? Because they would get crushed due to inherent biological differences.  These facts are self-evident to anyone with a brain, an area of human physiology where men and women are indeed equal.

Hat Tip: Daily Signal

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