In January, Catholic university King’s University College in Canada allowed a campus ministry to show the pro-life movie “Unplanned” to any student who voluntarily wanted to view it.  The film, about the life of former Texas Planned Parenthood center manager Abby Johnson, recounts Johnson’s conversion to Christianity and resulting renunciation of abortion. 

Last week, forty-four professors sent a letter to Principal David Malloy demanding an apology for the screening, citing campus “furor and fear” caused by the film.

Really?  I’d love to know what sort of “furor and fear” was actually caused on campus by this voluntary movie screening. I found this tweet which brags, “Fantastic turn out at tonight’s protest at King’s screening of Unplanned. London’s Pro Choice community is strong! #ProChoiceAndProud.”

The video shows a student leader yelling, “What do we want?” The line of protestors responds, “choice.”  The leader yells, “When do we want it?” The protestors respond, “Now.”  

Not the most creative of protest chants, but it does show no one was full of “furor” or “fear.”  In fact, the protest seems pretty tame and lethargic to me.  Yet, the professors did feel the need to approach the college and demand an apology.

“The public endorsement of an anti-abortion stance at King’s University College by the Director of Campus Ministry is of great concern to the viability of our institution as we work to recruit and maintain excellent students, staff and faculty,” the letter stated. 

Malloy responded by saying the “presentation of the film and the belief of life beginning at conception is the stance of Campus Ministry and not of King’s as a whole. King’s employees, faculty and students do not need to prescribe to the tenets of the Catholic Church. King’s does not have a position on abortion.”

Wait, what?  A supposedly Catholic University has “no position” on abortion?  What kind of “Catholic” university is this?  Perhaps it’s false advertising to call themselves Catholic at all.  

The filmmakers absolutely scorched the university professors, in their own “apology,” of sorts.

“The professors of Kings University College have asked for an apology, and here is one from the filmmakers. We are sorry that it has to be explained to the professors of a Catholic University that fetal dismemberment is intrinsically evil. We sincerely hope that among the professors calling for the apology, there are none from the theology or philosophy departments,” they wrote.

Brutal and true.

Religious parents who are considering sending their children to King’s University College should take note about what sort of education their kids will be getting.  In the meantime, may God move on the campus of this “Catholic” university and show them the truth about the evils of abortion.

Watch the trailer for the Unplanned movie below. Trigger warning for all Canadian Catholic professors:

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