Earlier this week, feminist writer Jessica Valenti said that her second-grader was learning about sexual identity politics, in a thinly veiled slam against conservatives.  “To the folks who find LGBTQ language ‘confusing’: If my daughter’s second grade class gets it, so can you,” she tweeted.

Ben Shapiro points out how ludicrous this is:

Now, you might be asking yourself why a seven-year-old girl needs to learn about sexual desire at all, let alone homosexual sexual desire; you might be asking yourself why a seven-year-old should be indoctrinated about children being “assigned male or female at birth” when such language is the language of anti-scientific nonsense.

But that’s what the Left wants to do.  They want to make the abnormal very very normal, and the only way to do that is to grab children and help shape their opinions before they’re old enough to think critically.  (This, by the way, is what liberals have accused conservatives of doing, but they seem to have forgotten their aversion to such indoctrination techniques.)

That’s because, according to Shapiro, that libs want to create disorder and confusion in children:

Children are supposed to be indoctrinated with left-wing views regarding gender and sex — they’re supposed to be told that sex and gender are utterly disconnected, that every sexual activity is equally valid. Children are supposed to be confused about matters of deep philosophical and lifestyle importance, so that later, they feel free to follow whatever feelings they have. We can’t teach children nothing — then their parents might teach them the wrong things. They might teach their children that men were men and women were women, for example, which could create preconceived notions about sex. And if parents were to teach children about the societal value of heterosexual lifestyles, or about the mere biological advantages of heterosexual activity, that could lead to discrimination.

Pull your kids out of schools like this right now.  And by right now… I mean today.  Immediately.  Forever. 

Liberal activists are trying to make your children mentally ill.  Don’t let them.

Hat Tip: Daily Wire

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