A terrible story out of Florida has the media salivating over twisting it to reflect poorly on our nation’s political strife.

It happened in Florida.  

Construction worker Mason Trever Toney killed his boss William Knight on a site widening a Florida freeway before covering his corpse with an American flag.  Both men were twenty-eight years old.  The media is reporting this was somehow related to Donald Trump.

Toney, a longtime friend of Knight, got into an argument which ended in Toney killing Knight with a construction trowel.  Toney then stole a company truck and called the other workers “terrorists.” Police apprehended him.

The family of the victim implied the Toney might have been suffering from mental illness. “I don’t know, I don’t know what, I can’t explain what happened to my son,” said the victim’s mother. “I don’t understand. I never thought Mason would do this to my son. But it wasn’t about politics, I can tell you right now.”

She might know more than the unnamed source, wouldn’t you think?

I have no inside information, but I can say this unequivocally.  Politics does not make someone murder another human being.  Underlying issues do – mental illness, hatred, bigotry, greed, and so forth.  If politics uncovers some of that depravity, it still doesn’t mean that politics was the cause.

I hate when so called journalists spin stories like this to get a more clickable headline based on two pieces of scant evidence: an unsourced allegation that the argument was over politics and the fact the victim was pro-Trump.  

Here’s an idea: let’s not do the “hot take” over a man’s death.

If we start approaching the news with a bit of caution, we’ll have less vitriol and more rational discussion all around. 

There will be plenty of time to comment, if needed and appropriate, after the facts are known.  In the meantime, a family now is faced with political acrimony on top of their grief.  All because of irresponsible journalists.

Let’s try to be adults in 2020.

Image Credit: World Bank Photo Collection

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Mark Meckler

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