Ever get the feeling that the Democrats just want to lose in 2020?  Former Vice President Joe Biden was inCedar Rapids, Iowa when hecalled for a ban on guns that hold “multiple bullets,” which – of course – means a ban on all magazines.

In an emotional speech, he said, “And we’re talking about loosening access, to have guns, to be able to take them into places of worship, I mean, it is absolutely irrational. It’s totally irrational,” he said.  “The idea that we don’t have elimination of assault-type weapons, magazines that can hold multiple bullets in them, it’s absolutely mindless. It’s no violation of the Second Amendment.”

Well, it actually is a violation of the Second Amendment, Joe.  Can you imagine trying to defend yourself without back-up ammunition?  Ryan Saavedra at the Daily Wirepoints out, “Biden’s extreme gun control push, if ever enacted, would effectively ban the overwhelming majority of handguns, all semi-automatic shotguns and rifles, and many hunting rifles which use magazines.”

But that’s the point, isn’t it?

Democrats don’t really care about creating solutions that work.  The policy “demands” they keep lofting into the cultural conversation would do nothing to prevent these mass shootings and would make the average American more vulnerable to the evil that is plaguing us.

They like to talk tough.  “No compromises,” Biden responded when a reporter asked him about working with Republicans on the issue. “None. None on this. I think this is no compromise. This is one we have to just push, and push, and push, and push, and push,” he said.

There’s nothing like using a national tragedy to cram your political positions down the collective throats of Americans.

But at least the Democrats are showing their true colors before a very important election.

Hat Tip: The Daily Wire

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