Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez bills herself as a woman of the people.  In fact, she cares so much about “the people” that she harassed Amazon into giving up their plans to put a campus in her district.  That really shows her love for her constituents!

And now there’s this:

In her tweet, she proudly proclaims, “If you don’t like the #GreenNewDeal, then come up with your own ambition, on-scale proposal to address the global climate crisis.”

She assumes that the rest of us believe that climate change is a global crisis, but whatever.  One might generously conclude she’s encouraging the rest of us to think along with her to deal with this “impending problem. But the rest of her tweet reveals the truth: “Until then, we’re in charge – and you’re just shouting from the cheap seats.”

Whoa!  That doesn’t sound like something a socialist should say, does it?

The Babylon Bee is a satirical magazine that pokes fun at the culture, but their reporting on this was exactly right… and more accurate than anything on CNN pertaining to AOC:

After a recently elected democratic socialist politician suddenly began using authoritarian, elitist-sounding language mere weeks after getting her first whiff of power, every single person in the country who’s never read a history book expressed their shock and surprise at the sudden transformation.

… She also declared “I’m the boss, how about that?” in a recent video interview. The statements shocked certain groups of people across the country, namely, those who haven’t been in the same room as a history book anytime in the past few decades.

Exactly.  Power is corrupting.

If you think AOC is pompous and overreaching as a junior congressperson, wait until the mainstream media crowns her with the fame she so desperately wants.

Those of us in the “cheap seats” should watch out.

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Hat Tip: the Babylon Bee

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