Sometimes you gotta hand it to Saturday Night Live.  It’s best when it turns its mockery on the stupid political correctness that plagues our nation.

Recently, Idris Elba, Cecily Strong, Beck Bennett played actors who were participating in a game show in which they choose whether they can or cannot play a certain role.

“David” — a black male — is perplexed when he’s told he can’t play a blind person in a film.  Isn’t that what acting is all about?  Pretending you are someone else?

The host responds, “Not anymore.”  He went on to explain that acting is now simply being you with a different hair cut.

“Lawrence” – a white male — eventually concludes he can play a white guy, a white guy who gains a few pounds, and a slave owner… and that’s it.

What a wonderful send-up of the modern stupidity surrounding such topics.  We have to wake up, America — this level of stupidity is difficult to maintain.

Image Credit: Screen Shot Saturday Night Live Youtube

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