This is straight up racism. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer recently said he would not vote for President Trump’s judicial nominee Marvin Quattlebaum, because the nominee is white.  Schumer said, “The nomination of Marvin Quattlebaum speaks to the overall lack of diversity in President Trump’s selections for the federal judiciary. Quattlebaum replaces not one, but two scuttled Obama nominees who were African American. As of February 14th, 83 percent of the President Trump’s confirmed nominees were male, 92 percent were white. That represents the lowest share of non-white candidates in three decades. It’s long past time that the judiciary starts looking a lot more like the America it represents. Having a diversity of views and experiences on the federal bench is necessary for the equal administration of justice.”

Okay.  So, I know this is getting old.  But imagine if this were a Republican saying he wouldn’t vote for a black nominee because he’d prefer a white one.  This would be the headline of every major newspaper, the lawmaker would be forced to resign in shame, and everyone would scratch their heads at how people can still hold so much racism in their hearts.

But this is not a Republican, and Democrats hold their elected officials to different standards.  Or, I might posit, no standards at all. Their main Democratic leader is now behaving in an openly racist manner, and the party completely supports it.

As Ben Shapiro wrote, “This belief system runs in direct contravention of the historic American commitment to the rule of law, not of men — meaning that the arbitrary feelings and life experiences of judges aren’t supposed to decide the meaning of the law. But according to Schumer and Democrats, we can determine exactly who’s fit to be a judge by looking at them.”

Democrats have come a long way since Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”  Call me a radical, but I’d just settle for judging them based on their actual qualifications for the position.

Hat Tip: Daily Wire

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