9. Cal State students seek healing after a conservative speech they didn’t even attend

This one is going to have to be filed away in the “We’re Doomed” folder!

The campus snowflake epidemic really blossomed this year, and perhaps the ridiculousness is most exemplified in the students at California State University who set up a “healing” space after a conservative gave a speech on campus. But there are two aspects that set this story apart from the rest: One, the speech had been given three months prior. Two, most, if not all, of the students that needed the emotional comfort DIDN’T EVEN ATTEND THE SPEECH!

The mere presence of Ben Shapiro on Cal State’s campus was enough to send these special snowflakes into a frenzied meltdown. National Review posted a description of the “safe space” event:

On February 25th, our campus experienced immense hurt and trauma. Almost two months later, students are still feeling the emotional, mental, and physical effects that this event posed, and nothing has been done to facilitate our healing. How can we help each other heal and move forward? How were you affected emotionally, physically, psychologically?

You would think this is straight out of The Onion, or that you were stuck in The Twilight Zone. But, no, it’s a reality fostered during the Obama administration, and you can bet it’s only going to get worse.

Good luck out there!

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  1. Tricia Anthone

    Alumni of these institutions need to deliver the message by withholding donations. I would guess that some of the absurdities provoked by Title IX can be clarified by “guidance letters” from the Admin undoing the “guidance” offered by Obama’s admin. But the most effective message will come from Parents electing not to send kids to these schools and alumni electing not to support them while they remain bastions of fascist leftism.


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