2016 was a banner year for fascism on American college campuses. It was the year of the snowflake — the delicate and fragile student who needed a “trigger warning” before hearing an opposing idea and then demanded a “safe space” to recover when they did.

Though colleges have been bastions for the Left for some time, last year reached peak insanity. To pick out every instance of ridiculousness would mean a nearly endless list, so, here’s 8 of the craziest things I’ve covered here on my blog.

TRIGGER WARNING: What you’re about to read may lead parents to reconsider community college as a more viable option, and affordable, than your average Ivy League liberal utopia. Think of all the safe spaces you could buy with all that leftover money.

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  1. Tricia Anthone

    Alumni of these institutions need to deliver the message by withholding donations. I would guess that some of the absurdities provoked by Title IX can be clarified by “guidance letters” from the Admin undoing the “guidance” offered by Obama’s admin. But the most effective message will come from Parents electing not to send kids to these schools and alumni electing not to support them while they remain bastions of fascist leftism.


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