Americans are still Americans, and they aren’t buying what Biden and the Left are selling.

That’s the conclusion we can draw from a series of eye-opening polls recently released by Convention of States Action and the Trafalgar Group.

From pipelines, to Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Wuhan Flu, to vaccines, everyday Americans are rejecting Biden’s agenda and the federal bureaucracies’ narrative on COVID-19.

The Keystone XL pipeline made the news this week as its primary developer announced it was abandoning the project for good.

While radical liberals and the Biden administration celebrated, good American jobs were lost, affecting thousands of families.

Alarmingly, Biden’s administration struggles to grasp what the average American knows. According to a May Convention of States/Trafalgar poll, 61.9% of Americans support pipelines as a necessary and important part of American infrastructure.

Within that majority are nearly 36% that say pipelines should be expanded.

And it’s not just a Republican issue — 57.5% of Independents and 45.3% of Democrats also support pipelines for U.S. infrastructure.

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Biden and the Democrat Congress claim to want to build back our nation’s infrastructure, all while undermining the very thing that Americans see as important to our nation’s future.

Americans are also done with the Federal government on anything related to the COVID-19 pandemic. First, was the blockbuster news that the majority of Americans had lost trust in Dr. Fauci and weren’t looking to the CDC for any real guidance concerning when the pandemic would end.

Now, after Democrats and their allies in Big Tech spent a year censoring and ridiculing anyone who theorized that the virus could have been engineered by Chinese scientists, they are finally acknowledging that it might be a valid theory.

But Americans have already reached that conclusion, 53.5% of Americans believe the virus was human-engineered in Wuhan, China. Only a paltry 17.2% believe the big government expert’s narrative that the virus jumped from animals to humans at a Wuhan wet market.

Once again, we see an issue with bi-partisan consensus, 74.1% of Republicans, 55.4% of Independents, and 37.2% of Democrats say the virus was engineered in a Chinese lab.

Speaking of COVID-19, 64% of Americans support the idea that parents — not the federal government, local school boards, or state governments — should decide whether children need the COVID-19 vaccine to attend public school.

Only 15.3% of Americans think the feds should decide, 8.2% think school boards should decide, and 7.8% said state governments should decide.

Much like the pipeline and Wuhan Flu polls, the antipathy and rejection of big government involvement in vaccines cross party lines. 49.7% of Democrats, 59.4% of Independents and a full 82.9% of Republicans named parents as the decision-makers for kids’ vaccines.

The bottom line is Biden, and the left, are trying to force a radical agenda on Americans, using the might of big government overreach to accomplish their plans — but Americans aren’t having it.

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While all these poll numbers are encouraging, you don’t need to be a statistician to understand what’s happening in our country.

The real impact of Americans pushing back is being seen at the local level.

You just need to attend a school board meeting to see that.

Across the country, people are standing up for their kids and pushing back against the lies, misinformation, and radical ideology of our society’s “elite.”

Parents blocked the adoption of “critical race theory” (CRT) in a Texas school district, they stood against radical gender ideology in Virginia, and they pushed out a superintendent in New Jersey who refused to let kids stop wearing masks.

We’ve all seen videos of these brave Americans giving powerful speeches — teachers risking their jobs to speak out and parents bravely raising their voice in packed school board meetings.

Like the mom in Virginia who escaped the brutal Communist Chinese regime of Mai Tse-Tung, and isn’t about to let communism take hold in her kid’s school.

Even after a year of lockdown orders from out-of-control governors, and a barrage of lies and misinformation from the media, We the People haven’t abandoned our independent mindset and our right to self-governance.

The polls only confirm what we are seeing with our eyes — Americans realize that no politician in Washington D.C. is going to save this country. It’s going to be saved by the everyday Americans standing up for what we believe in, and not letting a radical minority destroy the greatest nation on earth.

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