A professor from California State University-East Bay has finally found freedom from the rabid political correctness that dominates higher education, and she wrote a book about how she took off “progressive goggles” that colored all of her interactions and finally “escaped” that fascist ideology.  For over two decades, Dr. Loretta Breuning was a professor of Management before launching a think-tank called, The Inner Mammalian Institute.  Her book, called How I Escaped Political Correctness and You Can Too details her escape from the academy.  Campus Reform has the details of how she “escaped.”

Breuning’s “ah-ha” moment came in the 1990s, when she realized she was lying to her students for “fear of sounding right-wing.” She writes that she “didn’t want to subordinate my life to ideological despotism,” but she ultimately felt she had no choice.

“How did I get into this mess? I’m a grownup! A tax-payer! A reader of self help books!” she exclaimed. In an interview with Campus Reform, Bruening said she was inspired to write the book because she wasted too many years allowing political correctness to substitute for her own judgement.

“I saw facts that conflicted with the prevailing belief system, but I questioned myself because I saw that people who question progressive assertions are ridiculed, shunned, and attacked,” said Bruening, who is also a member of Heterodox Academy.

“When I saw how the politically correct world view was affecting my kids, I found the courage to take off the goggles and see life without it,” she explained. “It took time, but I learned to meet my own needs instead of relying on political correctness to meet them for me. I want to help others take off the progressive goggles.”

Love that analogy about taking off the “progressive goggles.”  But her story reminds me more of this than anything else:


We should applaud people who are able to escape the vicious nature of the academy.  Mike Adams, a professor at University of North Carolina Wilmington, is another professor who speaks powerfully about converting from a liberal into a more common sense America.  Reason and logic is alive and well on American campuses.

Who would’ve thought?

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