Socialism is a weird, unsustainable, entitled ideology.  The most recent example of this is from Bernie Sanders, a Democratic candidate for President of the United States.  While criticizing President Donald Trump for this coronavirus response, Sanders – a self-identified socialist – wrote an essay in USA Today.  In it, he claimed, “once a vaccine is developed, it should be free.”

As a result of our dysfunctional healthcare system, tens of millions of Americans are uninsured or underinsured and do not seek medical attention when they need it because they cannot afford it. The Trump administration must make clear that, until we pass universal health care, as every major country on earth has done, all Americans right now should be able to receive the medical care they need, without worrying about the cost. If we are to stop the spread of this disease, everybody should get the medical treatment they need regardless of their income. 

Further, with the spread of coronavirus, we have already seen examples of people hit with massive medical bills, simply for doing the right thing by getting tested when they experienced symptoms. Others may face bills in the hundreds of thousands for hospitalization, treatment and quarantine if they need it. This must end.

And once a vaccine is developed, it should be free. It is outrageous that during his Congressional testimony, Trump’s HHS Secretary Alex Azar would not guaranteethat a coronavirus vaccine would be affordable to all. 

There is a lot wrong with his essay, including the underlying premise.

At this point, perhaps the Senator from Vermont should just make a list of the things that should not be provided by the government free of cost.  I imagine that would be a short list.

As Fox News host Greg Gutfeld tweeted, “A socialist won’t be there to help you produce anything. But will be there ‘once’ you do it.  Yes, it should be free but that first counts on the energy and creativity of others. Then the sanctimonious socialist can step in after the heavy lifting and pretend he led the effort.”

Greg gets this exactly right.  In the midst of a global crisis, I’m glad Bernie Sanders is not at the helm – spewing socialist talking points instead of dealing with the true issue.

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