It’s that time of year again when Americans celebrate women, and streaming services categorize their movies into “pro-female” categories. And the president makes a statement. This year, for example, Joe Biden said: “The full participation of women is a foundational tenet of democracy” – how inspiring!

But thanks to the Left, it all means absolutely nothing.

As Daily Wire commentator Matt Walsh famously proved last year, our leftist culture cannot even define “woman.” Effectively anyone can be a woman, gender specialists, trans activists, and “wolf therians” all told Matt, which, of course, means Women’s History Month is just a farce.

Real women have been sidelined by the more up-and-coming “variant” of “woman”: those who check off more woke boxes. Those who appropriate and make a mockery of womanhood. These people – who are actually just men – hold the limelight, get their way, and trample real women in the process.

But because the Left has so thoroughly destroyed our language, we have no choice but to include them in “Women’s” History Month.

“Women continue to lead as advocates for reproductive rights, champions of racial justice, and LGBTQI+ equality,” declared President Biden in his proclamation on Women’s History Month.

The irony here, of course, is that “LGBTQI+ equality” – as the president defines it – would undermine and indeed erase women. So his statement doesn’t even add up. But then again, what did we expect? As it turns out, no matter how hard you try to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of womanhood, if anyone can be a woman, woman is not unique.

Every time the president says “women have been…” or “women continue to be…”, he really is referring to men, women, wolf therians… whoever wants to be a “woman.”

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This is why Dr. Rachel Levine – a biological male – received USA Today’s Women of the Year award. It’s why Lia Thomas – also a biological male – is one of the top female swimmers in the county and was nominated for the NCAA Woman of the Year award. It’s why Caitlyn Jenner – you guessed it, also a man – told “her” 24,000-word “womanhood” story on the pages of Vanity Fair.

This is why, in celebration of International Women’s Day, the Hershey Company featured a man in its “HER/SHE” campaign.

These are the “female accomplishments” we celebrate in 2023.

Meanwhile, Gina Carano, Allison Williams, and Letitia Wright – all real women – have been canceled just for being “politically incorrect.”

Oh, and to top things off, it is somehow “sexist” to associate motherhood with womanhood. And “transphobic” to say men cannot be pregnant.

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This is the insanity of the “pro-woman” Left, a social movement deconstructing sex, biology, and science all in the name of equality. In the name of deconstructing “gender stereotypes.”

The movement that makes a big to-do over Women’s History Month yet cannot even say what a woman is.

In a sense, the Left is gaslighting the American people. For all of human history, we knew a man could not be a woman. Anyone who tried to say so would have been laughed at to scorn. If Hershey had run that ad in the 1890s, when the company was founded, or even just a decade ago, most people would have known it was wrong.

Now, the unfounded premises of transgenderism have been so openly accepted by the media and corporate America, we are led to believe that only “right-wingers” would ever be crazy enough to say a man cannot be a woman. They are the ones now laughed at to scorn… for taking a position that was undisputed for all of history.

“Hershey’s stands by trans woman in ad despite right-wingers losing their minds,” declared one headline, for example. “Hershey… campaign sparks transphobic vitriol on Twitter,” said another.

This is the Left’s new normal. It’s a world where stating biological facts makes you a “transphobe.” And saying that Women’s History Month should be reserved exclusively for women makes you a “right-winger.”

It’s a world where the uniqueness of being a woman means absolutely nothing.

Now more than ever, we need a celebration of actual women. Unfortunately, for as long the Left insists that anyone can be a woman, not even Women’s History Month will do the trick.

Jakob Fay is a staff writer for the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Governance.