The taxpayer-sponsored show continues with American actor Joe Biden and Ukraine’s actor Volodymyr Zelenskyy posing for treacherous war-scene photos. 

On Monday, Biden was on the ground in Ukraine for a perfect photo-op in Kyiv, a place the media reports as a dangerous battlefield. While POTUS won’t travel to East Palestine, Ohio to assess the environmental damage caused by government decisions, he is willing to travel to a supposed war scene across the Atlantic. 

“It’s a high-risk visit to a city that has been under threat of missile attacks,” writes the Washington Post. 

The most crucial role, however, of the Secret Service is to keep the President of the United States safe at all times. Biden’s visit to Ukraine indicates the situation is not as dangerous as our American media portrays. Otherwise, his security personnel would never attempt to visit the city. 

As pointed out on Twitter, “When is the last time a war-torn country was visited by a U.S. president? How could this be even remotely safe? Is there a cease-fire? Have Russian forces evacuated? Can we get some answers for the tens of billions of tax dollars being laundered I mean spent?”

The stop was intended to reaffirm America’s commitment to defending Ukraine – $100 billion later. This show follows the political stunt in December when former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi welcomed Zelenskky and the Ukrainian flag onto the House floor in the U.S. Capitol.

Biden pledged an additional $500 million to the country during his stop. Is Ukraine really that powerful if the only way it can defend itself is by relying on American donations? Americans are not uniting around the continued funneling of money to Ukrainian politicians, which undoubtedly ends up back in the pockets of American politicians. It’s a fraudulent cycle.

But we must remember, “America — and the world — stands with Ukraine,” as Biden said today. The commander-in-chief may not stand with American issues – like securing our southern border – but he will support borders when it involves the disbursement of money.

The president’s stop signals a turning point days before the one-year anniversary. So what’s coming in the weeks ahead? 

“The White House has also told Zelenskyy’s team, per multiple officials, to prepare for the offensive now, as weapons and aid from Washington and Europe flow freely,” reports Politico

Last week, the State Department told Americans to leave Russia immediately. It’s a sign a greater fight could break out in the coming days, and Biden’s stop seems to almost foreshadow more serious conflict. The Level 4: Do Not Travel advisory warned of harassment, arbitrary enforcement of local law, and limited flights into and out of Russia.

As a legitimate war seems to be in the making, just remember, continued conflict gives the media consistent coverage opportunities and the economy a nice boost at the credit of the president. 

About The Author

Brianna is a national staff writer at Convention of States Action.