Political podcaster, troll extraordinaire and author of the best-selling Johnny the Walrus, Matt Walsh recently released a film documenting his journey around the world as he asked one of life’s greatest questions:

“What is a woman?”

The result, watching purported “gender specialists” squirm uncomfortably as they struggled to answer the question forthrightly, was deeply amusing.

In reality, the question is an extremely simple one with an extremely simple answer.

Most educated people know the answer. Most ignorant people do too. There is only one group of people who pretend to not know the answer: those who uphold “tolerating others” as the greatest, most admirable virtue.

Beginning with the gay liberation movement in the late 1900s, this has always been the LGBTQ movement’s fatal flaw. The premise was that we must respect what others feel about themselves. If two men feel romantic love toward each other, it should not matter that romantic love has traditionally been reserved for a man and woman; we should respect what they feel.

An entire ideology was constructed around this idea: that society was to tolerate – which expanded to include “affirm” and “celebrate” – what anyone believed about themselves. Being offended was simply impermissible.

But how far could this line of thinking go?

As it turns out, there would be no limit to what people could “believe” about themselves.

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The same line of thinking that justified two men getting married would eventually justify men transitioning into women. It would lead scientific journals to espouse the idea that men can become pregnant. It convinced a generation that Spivak neopronouns and other inane terms such as hir, zir and xyr are perfectly normal words that anyone might use to describe themselves (or should I say verself?). It prompted teachers to accommodate for their young students who identify as furries.

If you are dumbfounded by half of what I just said, I don’t blame you. If you aren’t one to keep up with the latest gender identities, just know that there really are people out there who would be offended if you misgendered them a “ne” instead of a “ve.”

The point is that the LGBTQ movement has plunged into sheer lunacy. Even the name is a contradiction as the “born this way” attitude of the lesbians and gays is irreconcilable with the fluidity others in the community demand.

The lifestyle was always wrong, morally, and it has become objectively indefensible. Its ideology contradicts basic, observable reality. And yet, its advocates have no choice but to keep defending it.

They can’t put a stop to it. They opened the floodgates. Now, they must deny reality or be trampled by the movement they helped create.

If an advocate were to randomly decide that “respecting what others believe about themselves” – a fundamental tenet of the LGBTQ religion – did not apply to “two-spirit” people or skoliosexuals or kids who identify as walruses, they would be violating their own principle and thus provoke the ire of the LGBTQ community.

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Perhaps the greatest example of this is J. K. Rowling, the British author who made one of her principal characters gay and yet was canceled for questioning the narrative that biological men can become women.

The LGBTQ community has been open about its hatred of Rowling even though she has never expressed any hatred toward the LGBTQ community. She simply proposed reining in the unabated idea that people can be whatever they feel that they are – and it ruined her career. 

This is precisely why “gender experts” can’t answer Matt Walsh’s question.

In all honesty, they know exactly what it means to be a woman (or, at least they used to). They just can’t answer because the reality of the issue would be offensive.

No matter how insane or imaginary people’s gender identities become, the LGBTQ movement has no choice but to accept them all – to do anything less would be a self-contradiction.

This denial of reality is polluting the West and it’ll only get worse from here. The logic of the LGBTQ doctrine is pulling the entire movement down a slippery slope and it’ll drag the country along with it.

Society will either continue to invent new “genders” faster than any normal person can keep up with, or it’ll ram full speed into – and finally accept – the inescapable truth: that reality is influenced not by one’s feelings but by fundamental, unavoidable truths of life and biology. 

Until then, we’ll have to suffer the “gender specialists” who can’t even tell us the difference between the two sexes and thank God for people, like Matt Walsh, who still know that a woman is an adult human female.

Jakob Fay is a former SIA Coordinator and current writer for the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Governance