Multiple Penguin Random House Canada employees had emotional breakdowns over their emplyer’s decision to publish Jordan Peterson’s new book, Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life. 

Peterson, a psychologist and professor, gained notoriety in 2016 for refusing to use “preferred pronouns.” Since then, he amassed a massive following as he offers his political opinions, religious views, and tips for living a better life.

Sounds innocuous enough, right?  Well, the Penguin employees claim the mild-mannered 58 year old incites the “far right.” He doesn’t. He supports same-sex marriage and is by no means inciting violence.

The company held a town hall meeting last Monday to discuss the decision. Reportedly, the emotional employees described the horrible impacts this professor has had on their lives.

“He is an icon of hate speech and transphobia and the fact that he’s an icon of white supremacy, regardless of the content of his book, I’m not proud to work for a company that publishes him,” an employee told Vice. Reportedly over 70 anonymous messages have been sent to the publication, only a couple in favor of the decision. 

The company issued a statement: “We announced yesterday that we will publish Jordan Peterson’s new book Beyond Order this coming March. Immediately following the announcement, we held a forum and provided a space for our employees to express their views and offer feedback. Our employees have started an anonymous feedback channel, which we fully support. We are open to hearing our employees’ feedback and answering all of their questions. We remain committed to publishing a range of voices and viewpoints.”

The company kept the plan to release his book under wraps. An internal database which normally reveals all upcoming books did not list Peterson’s. It seems they were trying to hide it from their snowflake employees…  Maybe they learned something when employees at Hachette refused to work on J.K. Rowling’s books, citing her “transphobism.”

The company has not yet changed their plans to release the book. I’m not sure many conservatives were weeping when Hillary Clinton’s What Happened hit the shelves. Or when Barack Obama’s A Promise Land was published. 

This woke censorship needs to stop quickly. 

I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t buy Harry Potter books because the far-left needs a safe space. 

Hat Tip: Vice

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