It’s been well over a year since the infamous Covington Catholic incident, where a teenager in a MAGA hat named Nick Sandmann was videoed “smugly” smiling at a Native American man and reportedly insulting him on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. 

But as more video was released, it turns out there were people hurling insults at the Native Americans… but it was not the white Trump supporters.  Sandmann is even seen in the video turning and mouthing the word, “no” to his friends. He was discouraging any disrespect towards the Native Americans. 

The media butchered the story, labelling the kid as a racist with no context. Sandmann sued the Washington Post and CNN for portraying him as racist. Both settled for an undisclosed amount.

You’d think the left would leave the kid alone. Now, ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) staffer Samuel Crankshaw is publicly protesting his admission to Transylvania University, a small prestigious college in Lexington, Kentucky.

Crankshaw hatefully smeared Sandmann on Facebook, calling him “dangerous.” 

“Does anyone else think it’s a bit of a stain on Transylvania University for accepting Nick Sandman? I’m sure it’s a ‘both sides’ defense, but it’s pretty counter to their mission and another instance of there not actually being equal sides to an issue. I think TU should accept anyone willing to have an open mind and engage in debate, regardless of their views. That’s how we all learn. That’s Transy’s mission…

But this kid clearly is a provocateur in training with no intention of learning. He exists only to troll, intimidate and play victim….

Having experienced the incredibly high standards Transy requires for admission and then holds its students to, this seems like a slap in the face. I hope some time in a real classroom changes him, but his twitter and public persona suggest otherwise.”

A “stain” on the school?  A “slap in the face?”

What is Sandmann guilty of again?  Oh yeah.  He is a conservative. 

National Review addressed Crankshaw’s unacceptable comments, triggering a response from the staffer.  “The views I expressed on my Facebook page are my personal views that I shared on my personal time. I have a First Amendment right to express them just as Nick Sandmann has a First Amendment right to express his.” 

Sounds like Crankshaw is trying to censor free speech and open discourse, not promote it.  But that’s the thing with liberals — up is down.

Crankshaw wasn’t the only one to comment on the admission. Dr. Avery Thomas, a professor at the university called Sandmann’s “public behavior and rhetoric atrocious and uninformed,” promising to closely monitor the student. Later, Thomas apologized, recognizing the importance of diversity of opinion.

The university issued a statement, saying “There are two things that, as a university, we are not able to discuss: our students (without their permission) and personnel matters,” the statement said. “In response to posts on social media and other websites over the Labor Day weekend, we reiterate that point. A review of the situation will be conducted expeditiously by the appropriate university officials.”

Are you kidding me? Some hateful trolls are causing Sandmann’s admission to be “reviewed?” 

This debacle is proving what the right has long known.  If you’re a conservative, the left considers you a problem to be rid of.  Remember this the next time you hear them talking about “diversity.”

Hat Tip: National Review, Jonathan Turley

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