I love Oreos, but I won’t be eating any more of them.

The company which produces the treat tweeted earlier this month to explain what a “loving world” looks like. “A loving world starts with respecting others,” they explained.

We could spend all day debating whether respect is earned or something naturally owed to us, but that isn’t the root of the problem. Since when has selling cookies warranted the need for complex philosophical and political statements? 

The caption accompanied an image explaining the usage of preferred pronouns is a matter of respect, and included an example of referring to a friend who prefers the pronoun “they.”

Yes, this is coming from a cookie company.  Take a look at the “diversity statement” of General Mills:

We cultivate an inclusive environment by considering all dimensions of diversity — not just the primary areas such as gender, race and sexual orientation — but also cultural aspects including values, preferences, beliefs and communication styles.

Values?  What about religious values of customers? I thought a loving world started with “respecting others.” I guess the religious convictions of half of the country are thrown out for political correctness. Doesn’t sound very ‘respectful’ to me.

Respect and love goes far deeper than referring to someone as a different pronoun. I refuse to pander and support a mental illness, a brutal one with astronomical suicide rates. The best way to show love and respect for suffering individuals is to truly understand and help them, even at the risk of being labeled as ‘transphobic.’ Truly caring for an individual sometimes necessitates refusing to play along with a fantasy. 

I don’t really need Oreo to explain morality to me.

Now I would gack if I tried to eat an Oreo.  I want my cookies with a glass of milk please…not a heaping shovel full of transgender nonsense.

Hat Tip: RedState

Image Credit: Pixabay

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