Liberals like to talk a good game about love and social justice.  But what about the practical matters of making a city run?  Quite frequently, the Democratic idea of social utopia runs squarely into this thing called reality.  And that’s exactly what is happening in the Dem-run cities across the nation.

One of the hardest hit cities is Seattle, which is riddled with crime, homelessness, and – yes – liberals running the place.

Kimmie Spice is the owner of a beloved Seattle restaurant called Biscuit B-tch, which has three locations in the city.  She recently got fed up with paying a crazy amount of taxes and getting nothing in return other than harassment from the homeless population.  She decided to write a letter to city council to let them know of her thoughts.  

“Every time I turn around, I’m paying a new tax for a sign permit or an awning or a table outside, B&O tax, sugar tax, a myriad of licenses, elevator permits, health permits, higher property taxes that are passed on in my triple net, etc. etc. And what do I get in return from the city?” she asked.  “Streets that take over an hour to get less than ONE MILE from one of my shops to another to transfer my products because my commercial vehicle is not allowed to drive down 3rd Ave anymore. Construction EVERYWHERE leaving no place to park delivery vehicles and blocking the customer entrances to my businesses, making my shops filthy with exhaust and dust and making my employees feel ill all summer long.”

Spice says the city keeps passing taxes and ignoring the real issues like affordable housing and the Seattle Police Department staffing. One of her stores sits on “a notoriously sketchy block” that is plagued with “junkies, panhandlers and drug dealers.”  Some of her employees are afraid, after they have been “threatened and assaulted by homeless or mentally ill people.”

Her rant went absolutely viral, and she later apologized for some of her language.  

My Northwest points out that Spice has really been trying to make it work by going above and beyond the call of duty:

Spice operates her business in the best way she can, offering higher than minimum wage jobs to staffers she cares deeply about. She gives them the best health insurance coverage she can afford, and offers paid time off for vacation. But she’s breaking because of what this council — and mayor’s office — are doing to Seattle.

This is a crying shame.  It’s hard enough to be a small business owner in America today.  It’s ever harder when these bastions of liberalism refuse to deal with their very real problems because their ideology prohibits real change.

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Hat Tip: My Northwest

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