When it comes to immigration, Gov. Greg Abbott, R-Texas, talks a big game.

He’s slammed President Joe Biden for failing to secure the border, vowing to step in where the federal government hasn’t or won’t.

It’s true that the Biden administration’s lack of action or any actual plan on the southern border is an absolute dereliction of duty.

In June, a Trafalgar/Convention of States poll found that a majority of Americans believe Biden’s border policies were driven primarily by politics, and just last month, a full 75% of Americans said that Vice President Kamala Harris has done a poor job managing the crisis,

But if we are to be intellectually honest about what is causing the problem, and how to fix it, then we must also look at Gov. Abbott’s actions.

Aside from bold statements — what, exactly, has Abbott done to stem the tide of illegal immigration? Not much. To borrow an often used saying in Texas, “Gov. Abbott is all hat, no cattle.”

The mainstream media portrays Gov. Abbott as a racist immigration hawk because he says he doesn’t support Biden’s open border policies and has sent National Guard units to the border.

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If journalists would do their jobs, they would know that the border leaks like a sieve.

Independent journalist Michael Yon is on the border, and he reports that the Texas National Guard is doing nothing to stop illegal immigration.

“Migrants cross the river right in front of us. Texas National Guard do nothing but wait for Border Patrol, but huge numbers avoid the National Guard completely. They are breaking into homes and destroying fences deep in the interior dozens of miles from the border,” he reports.

A record number of immigrants have illegally crossed the southern border. Some of them are purpotedly criminals, cartel members, and drug runners. Others may well plan to leech off our economy, send their earnings home, then go back where they came from.

Some are fleeing poverty and want a better life, but even some of these men and women have no regard for our laws and deserve to face the consequences of their actions.

While Biden’s open-borders rhetoric and policies are the primary drivers of this crisis, Gov. Abbott has the legal authority to end this today — right now.

Click here to learn what Gov. Abbott should be doing to stem the tide of illegal immigration.

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