There’s no need for established federal agencies like the IRS to continue expanding their power. They have enough of that already, 

And yet, just last week, that’s exactly what Democrats in the House did by passing Biden’s “Build Back Better” boondoggle. 

If you ask me, it’s more like “Build Back Broke.”

The IRS is responsible for confiscating our supposed “fair share” to contribute to the good of society. They already employ thousands of agents dedicated to enforcing federal tax law, and House Democrats just gave them even more. 

The legislation airlifts an additional $80 billion to the IRS to hire more agents and increase tax law enforcement. Proponents of the legislation describe the additional funding as a way to audit “wealthy” Americans and ensure everyone “pays their fair share.”

But if Senate Republicans make deals behind closed doors and choose to support this absurdity, your chances of being audited by the IRS in the future will be doubled. Not just the “wealthy.” Everyone. 

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This will, of course, lead to more privacy invasions, something our federal politicians criticize Big Tech for but are more than happy to allow the federal government to continue.

Even if we disregard how much money is being allotted to the IRS to make it bigger and hire more employees, the fact remains that there are other parts of the federal government that are being completely ignored and could actually use the funds, such as border patrol.

The House’s support for “Build Back Better” just confirms that they don’t really care about nationwide prosperity. Rather, they seek to financially reward obedient parts of the government that help in the liberal push. Customs and Border Patrol obviously doesn’t push a narrative that aligns with Democratic talking points. 

So, while the southern border gets bombarded with illegal immigrants that want a free way into America, Democrats look to weaponize the IRS to harass hardworking Americans.

The federal government keeps proposing bills that dig us deeper into an unrecoverable debt and force We the People to foot the bill. Government will keep watching over our shoulder more and more until we can call a Convention of States and put politicians in their place.

Silence Dogood is an intern with the Convention of States Project.