The following was written by Andrew Woodruff, the Intern Coordinator for the Convention of States Project.

Governor Ron DeSantis just trolled Leftists and the Biden administration by signing a new law critical of the federal vaxx mandate.

This interposition by Governor DeSantis shows two things: one, there are still governors in the United States who have a spine and are willing to firmly stand up against unconstitutional executive fiat; and two, “Let’s Go, Brandon” and the populist movement behind it, is still a force to be reckoned with.

“Let’s Go, Brandon” may have fizzled out of the media, but even now, it still bedevils our “political betters” in Leftists circles. Why? This fad should have burned and died like everything in our 24-hour news cycle, right?

But the after-effects of this innocuous chant continued to percolate long after its debut. There is only one explanation. “Let’s Go, Brandon” represents a clash between populism and elitism, and despite all attempts to quash the sentiment behind the populist chant, populism is carrying the day, and with it are coming real, tangible consequences.  

In the most organic of ways, “Let’s Go, Brandon” brought to the surface the truism that the American people are not with the Left’s agenda of radical spending, racial essentialism, and unconstitutional mandates. For weeks, we saw an irate majority of Americans, either chanting or supporting the sentiment that has now become a rallying cry against the Biden administration.

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But under the surface, there is a groundswell that transcends the funny substitute for “F*** Joe Biden.” This is, as Mark Meckler has contended, the beginning of the “Great Pushback.” 

We saw the first victories of the Great Pushback in early November with an across-the-board Republican victory in Virginia. Republicans took the Governor’s Mansion, elevated the first black lieutenant governor, and just might pull out a majority in the House of Delegates.

Despite throwing every darling of the Left to shore up support for Democrats in Virginia, McCauliff and his posse got shellacked.

The only explanation for the devastating defeat is that the American people are furious. It started with chanting in stadiums, but as we are seeing, it will end with people wholesale rejecting the Left at the ballot box. With this in mind, it appears the populist movement kickstarted by Donald Trump’s election in 2016 is not just thriving; it’s self-sufficient.

And now, with populism no longer needing a figurehead to drive the ship, the people have taken aim at the Left. A wave from the Great Pushback is forming and should frighten all politicians, left or right, from embracing radical policies. 

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One can only speculate where this wave will go and who it will wipe out along the way. The midterms are a stone’s throw away, and the Left is penned up in a shrinking corner, but two things are clear: one, the people are not standing for unconstitutional mandates, radical spending, or racially charged indoctrination of their children; and two, this frightens the Left far more than Trump, DeSantis, Youngkin or any other politician. 

The people represent a force no narrative can control, and they are dangerous to the political futures of the Left. Look at the early attempts to control the news cycle and the effort to vulgarize proponents of the “Let’s Go, Brandon” chant; look at the explanation for Terry McCauliff’s flaming defeat.

Talking heads on MSNBC wasted no airtime at all trying to explain it was racist parents that resulted in Younkin’s victory. Charges of racism might as well be an admission of defeat. The media betters and the hard Left see they have lost the people, but they would have no choice but to double down, for their base won’t stand for anything less. After all, the narrative must be protected. 

Regardless, the Great Pushback is here, and it should scare the daylights out of Leftist figureheads. DeSantis may be winking at the movement in shrewd support of the people by standing against the vaxx mandate, but the Left should fear the people, not the possible heir apparent of MAGA. “Let’s Go, Brandon” was just the beginning. The Left, and their accolades deep in the Biden administration, came for the Peoples’ freedom, and now they are about the reap the whirlwind of the “Let’s Go, Brandon” movement.