Follow the money. The President’s newly-proposed budget for 2016 shows where his priorities really are. He increased funds for some of his “pet social programs” – like subsidizing child care, health care, and housing – but cut one program that actually helps minority students get a better education.

But we thought Obama was for the little guy, giving a hand-up to those who don’t have as many opportunities, and making sure we get rid of inequality? Well, actions speak louder than words.

The D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program gives families in the area a chance to choose better schools for their children. It’s been proven to increase graduation rates among students that receive the scholarships. They also achieve higher levels in reading and math.

The Department of Education says it works. Hispanic and African-American voters strongly support these kind of programs.

But for some reason, Obama doesn’t like it. He’s tried to eliminate it every year, “even though the vouchers are a microscopic bit of the massive federal spending machine.”

Four times as many students apply as can be awarded scholarships. But Obama’s budget slashes the program’s funding to just what it would take to administrate, leaving no funds for actual scholarships.

Those vouchers and scholarships would allow more students to get the same quality education that the Obamas have chosen for their own daughters. Apparently the President believes in choice only for those who can afford it.

School choice programs are supported by some of the most basic American values – the rights of the citizens to decide for themselves instead of being dictated to by government, the responsibility and privilege of ensuring the best future possible for our children, and simple principles of a competitive market. “Far from threatening public schools, choice and competition improves all schools.”

As Rob Schwarzwalder asks, “What could be more American than letting moms and dads decide where their kids go to school?”

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