Preferred pronouns have become such a progressive trend that if you don’t have them in your LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter bio, you almost can’t associate with today’s liberals.

Today’s leftists are so adamant on changing family and societal structures that they force you into this idea of “inclusivity” through restrictive thinking. Either tell the world your gender – which also means telling the world your political thinking – or you aren’t accepted in their hypocritical club.

Inclusivity is synonymous with global, which is a clear reason why this push exists – to further the global government agenda.

But what’s not so easily transferable is the idea of gender-neutral language. In English, gendered language is not common. However, in languages like Spanish and French, language is completely rooted in gendered words, whether that’s masculine or feminine endings.

Anyone who has taken basic Spanish or French would easily understand this concept.

La manzana in Spanish means apple. The word ends in an ‘a’ which makes it feminine.

El fuego in Spanish means fire. The word ends in ‘o’ which makes it masculine.

Pretty basic idea, but progressives don’t want it to be this normal – or in their eyes… “limited.”

This is why the term LatinX has come to fruition in recent years. The push is to be more inclusive in the hispanic community by not generalizing with an ‘o’ or ‘a’ at the end, making it masculine or feminine.

However, the entire premise is flawed for one quite significant reason: the entire language is based on gender.

That’s an unfortunate understanding for progressives who never want to assume a girl is a girl or a boy is a boy because their ‘true’ identity may say otherwise. 


Just think about some pretty common hispanic names.

For girls, Maria, Sofia, Isabella, Gabriela and Fiona. For boys, Mateo, Marco, Antonio and Mario.

What is the common theme? The girl names have the feminine ending while the boy names have the masculine ‘o’ ending. 

It’s true this gender-neutral idea is being highly encouraged. A Kansas professor received a $50,000 grant to research LatinX celebrations in the state, according to reports from The College Fix. A Spanish Language Coalition has promoted the LatinX idea, which in itself is concerning for the authenticity of language. If language is being changed by politics, truth is being changed as well. It’s talked about in the mainstream media and promoted to students a universities.

This is just common sense in the Spanish language and in many other languages that use gendered pronouns in all forms of speech. The societal push makes no sense, plain and simple.

While this hasn’t been around for very long at all, it has bombarded American culture in many forms. Hispanics haven’t necessarily hopped on board for this game of word confusion either. In 2020, Pew Research Center found that just 3% of Latin Americans use the term LatinX.

It’s because there’s no logic behind it.

So while there’s no telling when this era of mass language confusion will end, acknowledging that there’s no basis for the grammar is the first step to combating the agenda. 

About The Author

Brianna is a national staff writer at Convention of States Action.