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It’s difficult to look evil in the face.

It’s difficult to watch the scenes of horror and confusion around Kabul airport in Afghanistan.

Now, we’ve witnessed at least a dozen or more American service members killed in heinous, cowardly terrorist attacks that everyone knew would come eventually. At least 60 Afghans have been killed as well, and untold numbers wounded.

The Taliban are truly evil, and if that’s the case, those who aid and abet them are evil as well.

Which brings me to President Joe Biden.

When I look at the President and his administration, I see a man who has lied and continues to lie about the worst foreign policy disaster of the last 40 years. I see a man who has abandoned Americans and allies alike and refuses to take responsibility for the pain and suffering he has caused.

What he’s done and continues to do is more than misguided: It’s evil.

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Don’t believe me?

Without President Joe Biden, we would not have the photo of a Marine lifting a baby over razor wire, or the stories of desperate moms throwing their babies over the barbed wire in the hopes of them being saved.

Without President Joe Biden, we would not have the images of Afghans falling to their deaths as they tried to cling to a departing U.S. Air Force plane and in a desperate attempt to flee the Taliban.

Without President Joe Biden, the Taliban’s eighth-century cavemen would not have gotten their hands on billions of dollars of advanced U.S. military equipment.

There wouldn’t be Taliban members walking the streets in U.S. military uniforms, carrying U.S. military rifles, or driving U.S. Humvees.

We wouldn’t be worried about the Taliban selling that hardware to terrorists who target American soil.

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