In a recent article, I argued that science is the idolatrous god of our age.

Testifying before the European Union Parliament, Pfizer executive Janine Small proved my statement true. Small admitted that Pfizer did not test if the vaccine prevents transmission of disease before its market release.

“We had to really move at the speed of science to really understand what is taking place in the market,” Small defends.

The speed of science.

Given a generous estimation, the phrase is a deepity – a seemingly profound but truly meaningless statement. However, in a more exacting sense, it is an Orwellian saying covering for atrocious actions.

This phrase has been trotted out before, in a July 2021 White House press briefing.

When asked why the FDA had not yet fully approved the vaccines and when that could be expected former Press Secretary Jen Psaki responded, “Well, the FDA is the gold standard, in our view, and they move at the speed of science.”

Psaki goes on to explain that the FDA has to have “confidence in the science and the data that backs it up…. It wouldn’t be responsible to expedite that process at a faster speed than the science and data allows.”

If science is data collection and analysis, how can it outpace Pfizer’s own research?

No, this is not the speed of science that drove these vaccines onto the open market with false advertising claims but pure unadulterated politics. 

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Especially among healthy young people, the case was made repeatedly that becoming vaccinated was an act of kindness to your neighbor.

So, many accepted the mRNA vaccine, though a study by the Florida State Surgeon General found that it increased the relative incidence of cardiac-related deaths by 84% in males 18-34 years old.

Beyond this, discrimination against the unvaccinated was implemented throughout major American cities under the auspice of disease transmission prevention.

Until recently, most Los Angeles County businesses and restaurants required proof of vaccination to enter their building, enforceable by law as signed by Mayor Eric Garcetti.

President Biden even attempted to require all businesses with more than 100 employees and all government employees to be vaccinated, before being slapped on the wrist by the Supreme Court.

The market release of these vaccines steamrolled rights that we Americans deserve, moving at the speed of science.

The right to be self-governing, to make personal medical decisions, to eat, to shop, to participate in society, to work, to provide. All these trod underfoot in the name of science.

If the speed of science moves so quickly with so little data, why are the vaccine developers at Pfizer and the experts at the FDA still following it?

Is science without data rather unlike a blind man stumbling in the shafted light of the forest, tripping over roots, banging into trunks, telling his traveling companions to close their eyes, keep a steady sprint, and follow his lead?

Following the speed of science is designed to be a reactionary gambit. What Small calls “science” is simply untested and unpredictable outcomes of experimental drugs. This science does not protect but exploits and blameshift.

The blind led the blind, chasing their own tails, and all Americans, vaccinated or unvaccinated, suffered for it.

Catie Robertson is an intern with the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Government.

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