Scientific data has proven beyond a doubt that the use of carbon energy-based fuels like coal and natural gas will not drive up the world’s temperature and induce damaging climate change.  This is further supported by statistics that show average temperatures have leveled for more than a decade and Arctic sea ice is up 60% in 2013.

Damaging climate change has NOT occurred despite the fact that countries like China and India are adding one new coal-fired plant every week without employing carbon control technologies. Germany is building 10 or more coal-fired plants this year alone to replace their retired nuclear power plants.

In the US, due to the EPA’s Green House Gas regulations (GHG), it is impossible to ever build a new coal-fired power plant.  The EPA is now formulating policies to put further pressure on the “existing” coal-fired plants.  In other words, the bureaucrats in DC shut off the new and are now coming after existing coal plants that currently produce 45% of our electricity.

Yet, with all this going on, President Obama is bent on further tightening the screws on the US economy under the guise of “Preparing the United States for the Impacts of Climate Change”.  This is the title of his November 1st executive order that “expands government bureaucrats’ role in how Americans use their lands, energy, waters, and property.” With this executive order, President Obama’s new climate council will regulate our economy.   

As stated in the Daily Caller, this order “bypasses Congress, and is directly implemented by Obama’s deputies and appointees in the federal bureaucracies.”

So, in essence, with the stroke of a pen, President Obama will regulate what he could not legislate.  His regime will mandate our energy policy and continue to erode our manufacturing base due to the much higher electricity costs.  He tried to do this through the legislative branch with Cap & Trade legislation but was unsuccessful — Congress recognized that C&T was, simply stated, and energy tax on our companies and citizens — a misguided move in avery weak economy.  

President Obama’s executive order is yet another example of federal government overreach and the need for us to take action against such overreach.

Citizens for Self-Governance’s new project, Convention of States, is a solution as big as this problem.  Learn more about this powerful approach to devolving power from the federal government down to the states at convention of


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