Mark Meckler was a guest on The Schilling Show last week, where he discussed the Convention of States Project with host Rob Schilling.

Mark discussed the recent victory in Alabama, ongoing efforts in Virginia, and countered some main points of opposition. Listen to Mark’s segment starting at the ten-and-a-half-minute mark.

The remarkable thing about the application passing in Alabama is that Republicans and Democrats worked together on the resolution. Loyal partisanists see cooperation between parties and grow immediately suspicious. If people on both the left and right sides of the aisle are promoting something, there must be something wrong.

But as Mark explains, opposition only comes from a few on the radical fringes on the left and right. Those few make illegitimate arguments that politicians buy into and use to create panic among people who don’t know the whole story.

Once the solution is explained, Mark usually sees about 80% of people become convinced that the Convention of States is a legitimate, safe, and necessary method to reign in the federal government.

True liberal groups are not signing on to the Convention of States Project despite its size and momentum. They know they can’t use it to accomplish their aims.

But plenty of others are joining. Conservatism is on the rise. Now is the time to use the security cord our Founders provided.

The Convention of States website contains more than enough resources to explain what using Article V entails. Mark urged listeners, watch debates with opposition, read articles, and decide for yourself.

Then if you’re convinced, as so many others have been, that this is our last, best chance to reclaim our liberties – get involved. As Mark said on air, “We’re going to get it done – but not without your help.”