Media Matters, a notorious left-wing watchdog group, exists to vanquish far-right, anti-democracy, Fox News-peddled, Libs of TikTok-exposed agitprop and disinformation (a.k.a. the truth).

Day after day, the organization cavils about the so-called evils of right-wing media. For example, it called Ben Shapiro’s The Daily Wire a “cesspool of bigotry and hatred.” It accused Elon Musk of making Twitter into a “supercharged engine of radicalization.” And it labeled Tucker Carlson a “particularly shameless liar” and 2022’s “misinformer of the year.”

Now, in its ignoble crusade to destroy truth, the company has set its sights on a new target: Convention of States (COS).

Days after Convention of States President Mark Meckler made an appearance on the Tucker Carlson Today Show, Media Matters launched its attack: “Tucker Carlson embraces fringe Convention of States movement,” the headline declared. “The idea could radically reshape the country by weakening the federal government’s regulatory authority and ability to protect civil rights,” the hit piece alleged.

It went on to claim that Mark’s rhetoric on the show was “regressive,” “far-right,” and a “racist dog whistle.”

In reality – as anyone who actually listened to the show would know – Mark laid out a well-constructed, peaceful solution for saving the country from tyranny and government overreach.

There was nothing regressive or racist about it.

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Media Matters seems to understand how a Convention of States would work surprisingly well. But, as the company tends to do, it sensationalizes and radicalizes the facts about the story. Somehow, a movement that 65.7 percent of voters support is “fringe.” A solution to return power, freedom, and self-governance to the American people has “racist implications.” Clearly, their threadbare tactic is to scare Americans out of using a perfectly viable remedy for political dysfunction.

Amazingly, the exact same tactic is employed by a few (a legitimate fringe) on the right. Groups such as the John Birch Society are constantly pressuring conservative state legislators to back out of supporting Convention of States, utilizing similar fear tactics, even though polling reveals that only a negligible 6.7 percent of Republican voters are opposed to COS.

Should this not give us pause? How is it that the right-leaning John Birch Society and far-left Media Matters are on the same side? The latter is opposed to everyday conservative values… and Convention of States.

Is that really the kind of ally the right wants to be aligned with?

In addition, Convention of States is also opposed by many George Soros-affiliated groups. Even Hillary Clinton spoke out against the movement. Why are the John Birch Society, George Soros, and Hillary Clinton united against a common enemy when they should be diametrically opposed

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Perhaps the fringe on the right who continue to oppose COS should consider who does support the movement. The Founders gave us the Convention in the Constitution, and it was supported by historic statesmen including Abraham Lincoln, Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, and famed economist Milton Friedman. Today, the organization has been endorsed by Mark Levin, Governor Ron DeSantis, Donald Trump’s former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Dave Rubin, Sean Hannity, Rick Santorum, Rick Green, David Barton, Ben Shapiro, Dr. James Dobson, Eric Metaxas, Mike Huckabee, Pete Hegseth, Lt. Col. Allen West, Steve Deace, Michael Farris, plus – most importantly – over five million grassroots patriots.

We should not be surprised when Media Matters targets such a group. But it is much more surprising – and disappointing – when a so-called “conservative” group attempts to thwart a cause that a vast majority of Republicans are favorable to.

The anti-COS fringe on the right must choose between standing on the side of the Founders, Ron DeSantis, Michael Farris, and Mark Levin, or George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Media Matters.

Unfortunately, they have embraced the latter.

Jakob Fay is a staff writer for the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Governance.