Media Matters analysts, who have the fun job of watching Fox News and Daily Wire videos ceaselessly, and cataloging anything and everything “inappropriate” their hosts might utter on air, have put their heads together and, after trudging through the dark depths of  “right-wing” agitprop, determined 2022’s “misinformer of the year.”

Tucker Carlson.

The man of Jennifer Lawrence’s nightmares. Literally.

In a lengthy hit piece, the publication – which exists to prove that conservatives are uneducated cavemen – caricatured the king of Fox, bestowing upon him the coveted title of “linchpin of the right’s misinformation.”

“Carlson is a particularly shameless liar with a gift for stoking his audience’s rage” Media Matters declared.

The watchdog group goes on to say that the 53-year-old host is not alone in his trafficking of misinformation. He is merely the “nexus.” He is assisted in his efforts by cohorts, even from outside of the Fox cartel.

Ten runners-up for the kingpin title were compiled in a list of “Tucker Carlson’s go-to misinformers in 2022.” His consiglieres include Candace Owens, Tulsi Gabbard, Matt Walsh, and more.

Together, they make up a syndicate of peddlers, grifters, and conspiracy-mongering culture warriors, or so Media Matters says.

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The problem with Media Matters’ analysis is two-fold. First, the left-wing watchdog group is participating in what it accuses the right of: incendiary rhetoric. Complaints about Tucker “stoking his audience’s rage” are ironic on a site whose primary purpose is to stoke its audience’s rage.

The comments on these articles are telling. “Today’s Republicans leave us with an abundance of understanding about why past civilizations collapsed,” one reader opined. Another called Trump supporters “stupidly, insanely gullible.”

I agree: media matters. For far too long a culture of ugly vitriol has existed in the media and on the internet. That culture thrives on Media Matters.

Neither side can truly claim to be pro-unity, pro-good faith anymore, and Media Matters’ pretense is moralistic.

The second problem with its anti-conservative analysis is that it does not take the time to debunk the “misinformation.” It eggs on impulsive judgment. It encourages readers to deride the right without expecting them to grapple with the ideas being presented. Tucker Carlson is a dangerous person because misinformation “experts” say so, not because they can logically convince us of it.

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This is a symptom of what I call “bad person politics.” In traditional politics – or, politics as it should be –  people would contend with ideas. But in case study ad hominem attacks, we libel the person behind an idea and dismiss it on the merits of its proponent being a “bad person.” Politics becomes a battle between personalities and faces; not between two opposing arguments.

This bitter tendency is tearing us apart. Ultimately, these ad hominem strikes do not end with Tucker or Matt Walsh, or whoever else is being attacked. These attacks are ultimately leveraged against their audience: the American people.

We believe that our political “rivals” are evil, dangerous, and laughably asinine. But we do not take the time to find it out for ourselves. We just believe it because our favorite talking head said so.

This is my encouragement: pursue the truth. Pursue the truth wherever it may lead, and do not get caught up making judgments against people you do not know. Political battles must be fought with ideas, not insults. No more hiding behind the “misinformation” label. Let us welcome discourse about politics with open arms, and leave the “Misinformer of the Year” award in 2022.

Jakob Fay is a staff writer for the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Governance.

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