Environmental alarmism will swing into full gear next month as top Democrats including Barack Obama and Joe Biden head to the United Kingdom to solve their own manufactured emergency.

While all Americans should take steps to protect their surroundings and be respectful of the environment, Democrats will never be satisfied. Why? Because that’s not how they gain more money and control.

Back in the 70’s, they claimed that global cooling and acid rain would threaten human existence. “Global warming” concerns began swirling a decade ago, but they’ve since switched to “climate change” as data became… complex.

Even news outlets like the Associated Press reported on these supposedly dire environmental circumstances back in the 80’s, and said nations could be wiped off the planet by the year 2000 if the situation continued.

“A senior U.N. environmental official says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000,” the AP wrote in 1989. 

Turns out, the story fell through, and 21 years past the emergency deadline, we’re still here. Unfortunately, so is the U.N. 

From October 31 to November 12, the U.N. will host an international climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, which will be attended by not just Obama and Biden, but also 13 of their cabinet members and senior officials including environmental czar John Kerry – who owns a $7 million yacht and a private jet.

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What can we expect from the extensive meeting? Lots of attacks against poorly-behaved Americans who need to do more and give up more to stop the coming destruction (keep wearing a mask, too!). Ultimately, nothing will ever be enough. 

They’ll rehash all the same talking points, and the media will breathlessly cover their every word. 

“Glasgow is coming at a point where these scientists have told us we have about nine years remaining within which to make the most critical decisions. Those decisions have got to really start in earnest and in a significant sum in Glasgow,” Kerry said recently, adding that it’s the “last best hope.”

What if these politicians directed their climate campaign at corporate companies and countries with much more threatening levels of pollution like China? 

That’s not likely. Instead, individual citizens will foot the bill for our minute global impact through plastic bag fees at the grocery store and paper straws in our drinks. The U.N. will determine what’s next.

More inconveniences and costs will burden average consumers while countries like China and corporations like Walmart, Amazon and all of their suppliers continue to be the actual reckless wasters.