Mark my words: in the next two months, President Joe Biden and his horde of Deep State health “experts” will try to impose a nationwide vaccine mandate for domestic air travel.

The TSA can already perform a cavity search—they might as well make you inject yourself with a vaccine.

The Chinese Communist Party has adopted a similar system. Their social credit system has created a new caste structure that separates those loyal to the regime from those who buck the status quo.

Those who act in accordance with Communist values are given the freedom to travel, enjoy faster internet, and attend prestigious universities. Those who fail to meet those standards are barred from these basic freedoms.

Right now, many of the activities that lower a person’s social credit score could easily be justified using the same logic as our COVID-19 overlords.

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Bad driving, buying too many video games, and smoking could all lower a person’s score, according to this May 2021 report from Insider.

Bad driving puts other people at risk and playing too many video games and smoking is bad for your health. Limiting these behaviors could save Chinese lives, and according to the logic of people like Dr. Anthony Fauci, that’s all the excuse you need to crack down on your country’s citizens.

Not surprisingly, Fauci has already expressed support for vaccine travel mandates. He recently tried to calm fears by saying those mandates aren’t coming “immediately,” but his implication is clear: mandates for domestic travel might not be imposed tomorrow, but he will hand them down soon enough.

When that happens, millions of Americans will be prohibited from visiting their families, operating their businesses, and going on vacation. Just like the non-compliant Chinese, they’ll be barred from rights and privileges of those whom the government has deemed “clean.” They’ll be unable to associate with their fellow Americans, and the divides in our country will only deepen.

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This will affect me personally, of course. I travel across the country every year for my work at the Convention of States Project, and a domestic travel mandate will force me to decide between continuing that important work and violating my principles.

But that’s not even my greatest concern.

Today, we’re talking about vaccines and air travel. What will we be talking about tomorrow? What other medical procedure will we use to restrict the freedom of movement, speech, or association?

Will we require the flu shot to join a certain political party? What about requiring a medical implant that detects cancer to be employed by certain companies or government agencies? Will we force Americans to eat healthy food to attend concerts or movies?

I’m not advocating or criticizing any of these health measures. But when we tie those measures to the freedoms we should all be able to enjoy, we become no better than the Chinese social credit state.

Requiring a COVID-19 vaccine for domestic air travel will move us one step closer to that system, and I for one won’t be complying.

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