Despite many college campuses reporting vaccination rates above 90%, nearly all higher education institutions across the country are still requiring the entire campus population to mask up, something students are being forced to comply with in order to stay enrolled.

Earlier this year, colleges told students that masks wouldn’t be necessary in the fall for the vaccinated, but changed their tune upon the start of the school year after many submitted to the vaccination over the summer in an effort to move on from pandemic restrictions.

The efficacy of these continuing requirements, of course, is anything but confirmed. 

While students are told to comply during their week of classes with distancing, masking and other precautions, once Friday night hits, the measures no longer matter as parties carry on and football stadiums fill up with thousands.

When Monday comes around again, “just do what needs to be done to get through the class,” becomes the mentality. No questions, just compliance. The majority apparently are okay with the illegitimate, never-ending measures, but there are some students who have had enough — and have taken action through protests, petitions and even lawsuits.

While it’s understandable that students want to just get the credits needed to graduate and move on, college administrations are intentionally dragging a generation down a brainwashed hole of conformity.

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Interestingly, faculty and staff at many schools have lower vaccination rates than the students, signaling a difference between the young and vulnerable and older generations.

Princeton University has a student body vaccination rate of 99% while the faculty and staff rate remains slightly below at 96%. The University of California at Los Angeles reports a student body vaccination rate of 97%, while the staff rate is at 79%. To give one more example, 97% of students at the University of Chicago are vaccinated while 92% of employees report being vaccinated. 

The up and coming generations have been trained to think in a totally different manner than ever before, socially, culturally and politically. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that over 1,000 colleges have implemented vaccine mandates and a new Kaplan survey finds about three quarters of students are in support of these rules. 

It may be time for young adults to consider alternative paths instead of college, as the evidence becomes more clear that campuses are a breeding ground for submissive, arbitrary behaviors. 

Silence Dogood is an intern with the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Government.