I’ve been sounding the alarm over the radicalization of college professors, but this is even worse than their normal woke nonsense.

University of Kansas professor and researcher, Feng Tao, was charged with two counts of wire fraud and one count of program fraud for hiding his connection with China. He planned on transferring “intellectual property” from American universities to Chinese universities and recruiting American students.

Campus Reform has the details:

The 16-page superseding indictment filed by the U.S. District Court explains that Tao joined the Changjang Professorship in 2018 which is a “talent program sponsored by the PRC Government and the CPC” or Communist Party of China.  The People’s Republic of China is offering these “talent plans” to students and professors in the United States to “encourage the transfer of original ideas and intellectual property from U.S. universities to PRC Government institutions.

Although Tao was selected for the Changjang Scholarship and a full-time appointment to Fuzhou University in China, he did not inform KU of this commitment regardless of the Kansas Board of Regents’ policy that the University must be notified of outside employment. The indictment states that Tao “did not disclose any financial award accompanying his selection for the Changjiang Scholarship or salary for his appointment to FZU.”

The indictment details the purposes of the harrowing “scheme” and shows that Tao was beginning to gain traction in Kansas.

This professor was supposed to “to recruit two to three doctoral students and three to four master’s students per year.”  He was a faculty member at FZU for about two months (end of May through the first of August) before coming back and teaching in America.  He enticed at least three post-doctoral researchers who showed interest in his research group at FZU. The indictment says “Tao sponsored at least four researchers and students visiting KU from the PRC,” and that “at least one of Tao’s researchers at KU joined Tao’s research team at FZU.”

Can you imagine sending your kids to the University of Kansas and having them end up as communists because they were under the sway of a charismatic professor?

The indictment said he was “to provide the FZU with technical training, scientific expertise, and research capacity,” “to obtain funds to which he was not legitimately entitled, specifically funds derived from his fraudulently maintained second full-time job,” and “to conceal his relationship and agreement with the FZU so that he could maintain his position, access to facilities, and access to the benefits of scientific research at KU.”

To top it all off, the professor received American money while doing all this.

Tao received “benefits of $10,000 under federal grants sponsored by the National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Energy, and other federal departments and agencies, embezzled, stole, and obtained by fraud, property worth at least $5,000.”

In other words, this communist was paid by our government while he was recruiting American students to do the bidding of the communist government.   While this sounds far-fetched, it’s not.  American universities are so far left that having an actual communist as a professor is not newsworthy.  It’s not even eyebrow raising anymore.

We frequently hear of conservative families sending their kids to universities, only to have the kids brainwashed into liberalism over the course of their time there.  How far away is this scenario from that all-too-common political transformation?

If students and alumni demanded colleges hire conservatives as professors – to at least address the ideological imbalance of the faculty – this sort of treachery would be much easier to spot.

It’s time to make our universities great again.

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Hat Tip: Campus Reform

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