The president is asleep on the job.

Joe Biden was roundly mocked on social media this week when video emerged of him falling asleep during a speech at the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

I can sympathize with the president. I was known to doze off during class after a night of, uh, fun, and I bet that speech was drier than Jill Biden’s dissertation.

But I was 21 years old and operating on 45 minutes of sleep. Joe Biden is the most powerful man in the world listening to a speech about what he says is the most dangerous threat the world has ever seen. His mid-morning snooze is far less forgivable—and it’s the perfect picture of his presidency.

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Our president constantly stumbles and mumbles during speeches and interviews. He’s made blatantly racist comments, and has accused everyday Americans of lying.

Biden is obviously in mental decline, and that lack of awareness has impacted his judgement.

He’s fallen asleep (figuratively, this time) on the economy. We should be experiencing the greatest economic recovering in our country’s history. The vaccines should have allowed millions to get back to work and restore their positions as productive members of society.

Instead, thanks to Biden’s promise of continued “stimulus” checks, there are 10 million open jobs and more jobs open than unemployed people. That labor shortage has led to supply chain issues, and as any freshman economics major can tell you, low supplies necessarily lead to higher prices.

That’s exactly what’s been happening. As even CNBC admitted last month, the prices of many necessities has risen by double-digits:

  • Rental cars: 42.9%
  • Gas: 42.1%
  • Used cars: 24.4%
  • Hotels: 18%
  • TVs: 12.7%
  • Furniture: 11.2%
  • Meats, poultry, fish and eggs: 10.5%
  • New cars: 8.7%
  • Appliances: 7.1%
  • Electricity: 5.2%
  • Restaurant prices: 4.7%
  • Rent: 2.9%

But wait! There’s more. Biden also fell asleep on COVID-19. Instead of encouraging Americans to get back to life as we knew it, he’s flexed his regulatory muscles and terrified small businesses by implementing a vaccine mandate.

This new unconstitutional overreach is a shocking expansion of federal power, and the Wall Street Journal just reported that he’s following through on his threat.

Aggressively forcing Americans to get vaccinated might not sound like “falling asleep,” but here’s a question you might consider. What’s more difficult from a tyrant’s perspective: to force someone to do something or to convince them to do it?

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Joe Biden can pass an executive order in his sleep. He’s averaging more executive orders on a yearly basis than any president since Harry Truman. When faced with a vaccination problem, he ran straight for the reins of power and gave them a yank.

Finally, the president fell asleep on Afghanistan. That debacle marked Biden’s precipitous decline in the polls because Americans finally realized that they elected a president who isn’t a fully functioning human being.

Afghanistan didn’t have to be a disaster. Biden could have pulled out more slowly and strategically. He could have left a skeleton force of troops in the country to protect Americans and our allies. He could have done any number of things to avoid the tragic death of 13 servicemen and the abandonment of hundreds of Americans.

Instead, he took a nap. He put the Afghanistan surrender on autopilot, and he’s paying the political price for it.

Biden may or may not have fallen asleep briefly at the UN climate summit. But he’s been sleeping since he took office in January, and the American people deserve better.

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