“Let’s Go Brandon” has only existed for a few weeks, but songs riffing on the anti-Biden slogan are already leading the iTunes charts. 

One rap artists hopes, and new polling suggests, that the sentiment behind the chant is more than just a fad.

The phrase became popular after an NBC news reporter told viewers at a NASCAR race in early October that a crowd changing “F–k Joe Biden!” was really changing “Let’s Go Brandon!” 

Whether the reporter intentionally altered the crowd’s words or not, she certainly wasn’t expecting those three words to become a national euphemism to show a unified distaste for the president. Since then, the chant has found its way into many different scenes, from sporting events and concerts to Trump Campaign shirts to social media posts and rap songs. 

Even a Southwest Airlines pilot joined the movement on Friday, repeating the phrase over the intercom. The pilot is now under investigation, the company said Sunday.

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Conservative rapper Bryson Gray created a “Let’s Go Brandon” song that quickly rose to the number one song on iTunes and has stayed there for about a week. The song passed Adele’s new single and many other mainstream artists including Ed Sheeran. 

Three other “Let’s Go Brandon” remix songs, all created by Loza Alexander, rose to the top 10 as well. Another remake by the rapper Topher made it to the top 15 during the same time period. 

“It shows we can change culture. We have the numbers. Politicians can’t change culture. We can. That’ll help the politicians,” Bryson Gray told Citizens for Self-Governance on his song’s success. “This is a rare chance we have as conservatives in culture. Let’s own it.”

He also explained that his song was allotted no radio airtime while other mainstream songs – like one he surpassed – have had millions of radio rotations. Even with the setback, Gray’s song rose to the top of the charts by racking up over 50,000 downloads and millions of streams. 

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There’s a reason: the American people have soured to the Biden administration, and a new poll shows they overwhelmingly support the use of the phrase.

A recent Convention of States Action poll found that about 58 percent of Americans voters are now familiar with the chant and its meaning. Among people familiar with the chant, about 76 percent say it’s an appropriate way to protest the Biden administration.

While most popular songs these days focus around drugs, sex, money and partying, artists with valuable and morally-aligned messages are gaining popularity and acceptance among listeners. This latest example may encourage more artists to be true to their beliefs and create more meaningful content rather than sticking to the mainstream topics.

The popularity of the “Let’s Go Brandon” slogan is also terrible news for Democrats heading into 2022. Anti-Biden sentiment has broken into the mainstream, and if Gray is right, it could be the beginning of a new era in American politics and culture. 

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