Perhaps the most haunting moment in Matt Walsh’s poignantly hard-hitting “What Is A Woman?” documentary is when Scott Newgent—“a biological woman that medically transitioned to appear like a male” but has since ‘detransitioned”—looks Matt in the eyes and solemnly declares: “It got me at 42. Your child doesn’t have a chance.”

“We’re butchering a generation of children because no one is willing to talk about anything,” she warned. “I have three kids at the age that they’re doing this to kids. I’m not transphobic. I love my kids…. This is wrong. On so many levels.”

For her unforgettable plea to protect kids, Nugent has been called the hero of the film. And considering her horrific personal journey, it’s no surprise that she is so deeply passionate about this topic.

“I was thrilled when the medical community told me six years ago that I could change from a woman to a man,” Nugent wrote in a must-read Newsweek opinion piece. “I was informed about all the wonderful things that would happen due to medical transition, but all the negatives were glossed over. Since then, I have suffered tremendously, including seven surgeries, a pulmonary embolism, an induced stress heart attack, sepsis, a 17-month recurring infection, 16 rounds of antibiotics, three weeks of daily IV antibiotics, arm reconstructive surgery, lung, heart and bladder damage, insomnia, hallucinations, PTSD, $1 million in medical expenses, and loss of home, car, career and marriage. All this, and yet I cannot sue the surgeon responsible—in part because there is no structured, tested or widely accepted baseline for transgender health care.”

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She goes on to describe a harrowing night on which she “simply couldn’t take it. I wanted to die.” But that’s when she had a hallucination and saw the devastation her death would cause her children. 

“Right then, I made a deal with God… that if my life were spared, if I were allowed to be here for my kids, I would help other kids by ensuring people knew what the experimentation of transgender health care really entails. I remember my whimpers: ‘God, an eye for an eye—in reverse. I will fight with a mother’s passion for others if I can be here for my kids.’”

And that is exactly what Nugent has done.

Unfortunately, the laborers are few in a plenteous field. Even as brave souls like Nugent sound the alarm about the dangers of transgenderism, most of society seems to be pushing kids
toward becoming trans.

We’re only five days into Pride Month—the very name a filthy abomination—and the attacks against our kids are already worse than expected. Much worse.

For example:


Do not skip over these videos. Watch them until reality sets in. Watch them until you are painfully and inescapably aware that this is the world your children must survive.

This is the world that screams “love” and “acceptance”—and calls the truth “hateful”—but is more than willing to condemn your child to medical and mental trauma “at $70,000 a pop.”

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Not included are videos that feature grown men in BDSM gear performing sex acts at a public pride parade… in front of kids. Another video shows a rapper singing about gay sex also in front of kids.

Additionally, we could talk about how the Biden Administration is pushing to keep pornographic books in K-12 schools. In California, pornographic movies are now used in curriculum. 

Everywhere they go, our kids are being enticed into a world of gender insanity where assurances of happiness mask a reality of destruction.

Does Nugent’s “transgender experience” sound anything like how it is portrayed in the media? What happened to the elation and euphoria so palpable at Pride parades?

Nugent, for one, received none of that.

“Here’s what I could not comprehend before transitioning and what I honestly believe no child is capable of consenting to:

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I have had to reckon with the fact that my very public stance on this issue may come back to bite me. In today’s insane world, it may deny me future job opportunities. It may ruin my reputation. I do not care. In the face of such evil targeted at children, how selfish would I have to be to fret more about my ruined reputation than their ruined lives?

Imagine the selfishness of adults who wring their hands about “being polite” and “not hurting anyone’s feelings” even as their kids are beset by outright, unfiltered evil. That’s who we have become.

Taking a stand may hurt us, but not taking one will hurt our kids so much more. It’s time to share this message, unafraid. It’s time to scream the truth for as long as God gives us the breath to scream.

Call us “hateful,” “transphobic,” and “mean.” Just don’t call us “silent.”

Jakob Fay is a staff writer for the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Governance.

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