Bill Clinton visited Jeffery Epstein’s sex trafficking island with two young girls, according to recently unsealed court documents from a 2015 case against Epstein and his alleged accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell. 

The accusations came from the mouth of Virginia Giuffre, who publicly accused Epstein of sexual assault in late 2019.

During questioning from Jack Scarola, a lawyer on the case, Giuffre described a chilling encounter with Epstein. 

“I remember asking Jeffrey what’s Bill Clinton doing here [on Epstein’s island] kind of thing, and he laughed it off and said well he owes me favors,” Guiffre recounted. “He never told me what favors they were. I never knew. I didn’t know if he was serious. It was just a joke… He told me a long time ago that everyone owes him favors. They’re all in each other’s pockets.”

Giuffre was later asked if sexual orgies happened regularly on Little Saint James Island, where she responded, “Yes.”

Giuffre was asked who was at the island with Clinton and Epstein.

“Ghislane, Emmy [another alleged regular on Epstein’s island], and there was 2 young girls that I could identify. I never really knew them well anyways. It was just 2 girls from New York,” Guiffre responded. 

Giuffre also claimed Clinton, along with a host of other celebrities, travelled on Epstein’s plane. The plane was nicknamed, “Lolita Express,” because it frequently carried the sexually trafficked children to his island.

The name is a reference to a 1955 novel in which a 36 year old man has sex with a 12 year old girl. 


In 2019, the Clinton Foundation commented on the accusations, claiming Clinton had only flown on the plane “4 times,” for trips related to the foundation. 

That’s four times too many, but reports on that number vary.

Newsweek reported:

In 2015, the now-defunct pop-culture and news website Gawker released the flight logbooks for Epstein’s Gulfstream and the Lolita Express 727. Clinton is listed as having taken at least 11 flights on the Lolita Express.

In one flight, Clinton allegedly flew with a softcore porn actress listed under “massages” in Epstein’s address book. On all 11 flights, he rode with Maxwell and Epstein’s former assistant Sarah Kellen. Kellen has been accused in court filings of recruiting young girls, acting as a pimp on Epstein’s behalf.

According to Giuffre, orgies also occurred on the plane, saying she was “frequently,” on the Lolita with Epstein and Maxwell when they occurred.

 “It would start off with massaging or we would start off with foreplay, sometimes it would lead to, you know, orgies,” Guiffre stated.

The name, “massages” being listed in Epstein’s flight logs makes too much sense.

In 2019, the Clinton Foundation commented on growing suspicions Clinton was involved. They claimed the former President “knows nothing of the terrible crimes Epstein pleaded guilty to.” “He’s not spoken to Epstein in well over a decade, and he has never been to Little St. James Island, Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico, or his residence in Florida.”

Hmmm…  Here’s the thing.  We’ve known all along that Bill Clinton is a sex predator and liberals have covered it up repeatedly, and for years.  (His most famous enabler, of course, is Hillary Clinton who mocked and derided his accusers as low class, money-grubbing bimbos.  I’m with Her?  Not exactly, right, Hillary?)

I hope the truth comes out about ole Bill.  In the meantime, it would nice if the Democrats would have some integrity and denounce this patriarch of the Democratic party now.

Better late than never.

Hat Tip: NY Post, Newsweek

Image Credit: Wikimedia

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