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Dear white parents,

Imagine you spent $45,556 to send your son to college at the University of Pennsylvania.  You figured this would be a good investment, since U Penn is a highly regarded academic institution.  It’s private.  It’s Ivy League.  It’s worth it.

Then, your son calls, texts, or SnapChats that he’s having difficulty getting called on during class.  It seems that the teacher’s assistant sees right through him when he has his hand raised.  He feels that he’s not getting the academic attention that others in the class are getting.  Then, you realize it’s because of his race.

Well, that is actually happening at U Penn, believe it or not.  A teacher’s assistant recently posted this on social media. Campus Reform posted a tweet from Stephanie McKellop, a graduate student who’s also a teacher’s assistant:

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So, did you catch that?  She calls on black women first, then other people of color, then white women, then white men…  but only if she absolutely has to.  Campus Reform has more:

McKellop, a white woman herself, later defended the tweet, noting that she was taught this practice by an “amazing” professor.

“I was taught that ^ as an undergrad by an amazing prof. In normal life, who has the easiest time speaking, most opportunities? Flip it,” she elaborated, admitting in a subsequent series of tweets that the university would be “issuing a press release and condemning me and my teaching practices.”

“I don’t know what you all can do. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I had the cute idea that Penn could defend me against Nazis haha. Isn’t that funny,” she added.

Steven Fluharty, the dean of UPenn’s School of Arts and Sciences, issued that response in a written statement Thursday, but while he acknowledged that the school would be “looking into the current matter,” he flatly denied that McKellop had been removed from the PhD program.

Of course, she’s not being removed.  Imagine for ONE SECOND what would’ve happened if a professor had tweeted this:

“I will always call on white male students first. Other white students get second tier priority. Black men come next. And, if I have to, black women.”

If the above statement upsets you and McKellop’s doesn’t, you might be a raging hypocrite who doesn’t actually believe in equality at all.

Parents, when will you realize that paying tuition to give your kids the privilege of being ignored and indoctrinated by leftist fascists is NOT a good idea?

Hat Tip: Campus Reform

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