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What is it with the radical left’s obsession with bodily fluids?

The “transgendered” artist Cassils — who was born a woman and is still a woman even though she pretends to be a man — wanted to make a statement against President Donald Trump.  Mostly, she was upset over his overturning of one of Obama administration’s executive order which mandated all public schools allow children-confused-about-their-gender to use whichever bathroom they wanted.

Naturally, that caused Cassils to collect 200 gallons of urine to make a sculpture in New York. Once it is erected, she will stand on it and urinate to put a finer point on her argument.  She explained how this would happen to HuffPo:

I will be facing the sculpture on a very, very high [platform] — probably like 10 feet up in the air, so you’re not eye-line with my crotch. I’m looking down on you. And behind me, is a grid of the 262 orange 24-hour urine capture bottles I used and they create another cube. There’s one space left, which is the one final bottle. So for the two hours of the exhibition opening, I will literally just be standing up there and pissing into the bottle if I have to piss. And at the end of the performance I will climb down and I will dump the urine into the cube and I will place that final bottle on the shelf. So it’s really about closing this piece down.

Okay, so who actually wants to see her urinate?  Is this a secret plot to re-elect Donald Trump?

For those of you unlucky enough to live in “Fly Over Country” and are therefore unable to see this amazing piece of art, Cassils made a video that you can actually enjoy from the comfort of your home:

So, apparently her friends are happy to have her urine in their refrigerators?  What supportive friends!  “Sure… keep your piss in my refrigerator,” I imagine them saying.  “That seems like a very good idea, and I’ll think of you every night when I make dinner for they and xe.”

Needless to say, the name of the sculpture is “Pissed.” Undoubtedly, “Mentally Disturbed” was already taken.

Hat Tip: The Daily Wire

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