You literally can’t make up something more absurd than this story out of Britain.  A lesbian group called “Get the L Out” went to a gay pride parade. This group has long been critical of the transgendered movement, since they believe (rightly) that teenage lesbians are somehow being pressured to transition to being “transgendered men” rather than simply being affirmed as gender nonconforming women. 

They believe they are being erased as lesbians, because the transgender community is pressuring homosexuals into radical surgeries and gender reassignment – which is arguably a “heteronormative” surgery.

This is what happens in some middle Eastern countries, by the way.  Since homosexuality is punishable by death, they force their homosexuals to “change” genders. 

Lesbians have a reason to be worried.  When this group went to a gay pride event, someone called the cops.  PJ Media has the details:

On the very first day of Pride Month, British police accosted a group of lesbians protesting against transgender activism, asking if they were a “hate group.” The lesbian group Get the L Out made a stir last year at the London Pride parade by marching with a sign reading, “Transactivism Erases Lesbians.” On Saturday, the group protested transgender activism again in the northern city of Bradford, with signs reading, “Lesbian = Female HomoSEXual.”

Dr. Lesley Semmens, a retired academic who once lectured at the School of Computing at Leeds Beckett University, took part in the protest and reported the “hate group” question on Twitter.

“Just had the police (including an inspector) in to Cafe Nero in Bradford to ask us if we were a ‘hate group’!!” Semmens tweeted. “Someone has reported us already.”

Did you get that? They were investigated as a “hate group,” specifically because they have a sign that lists the dictionary definition of lesbian. 

That’s rich.

 It’s ironic that these transgendered activists are using the same “gender confused” rhetoric that women’s studies programs have long shoved down our throats.

It may very well lead to an end of all “women’s studies.”

Part of me enjoys watching these two leftist identity groups collide, but it is a sobering reminder that radical politics is changing what is acceptable political discourse.  

Now, simply defining “what is a man” and “what is a woman” can get you a visit from the police. 

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Hat Tip: PJ Media

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